★$3 Bento challenge!★& Easy Bento Meal Prep (EP150)

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Today I’m gonna be showing how to make Bento under $3!
I am showing you 3 different kinds of Bento with one meal prep.

In this video, I am collaborating with two lovely beautiful YouTubers.

Ai from
「ai’s munchies」
「Cooking With Ai」
Her $3 Bento https://youtu.be/rwo7g9go98Q

Marc from
「No Recipes」
His $3 Bento https://youtu.be/jwrWv0X02Nw

Thank Marc for organizing this project!

Make sure to head over to their channels for their Bento and more Japanese recipes!

Yes, this is the first collaboration video. I hope you will enjoy it.

・Chicken cutlet
450 g chicken breast
2 tbsp all purpose flour for dusting
2 tbsp all purpose flour for batter
1 tbsp egg white (or egg)
2 tbsp water
2 cups “Panko” bread crumb
・Chicken Tempura
100 g chicken breast
2 tbsp Tempura flour
2 tbsp water
1/2 tsp sake
a pinch of salt
1/2 tsp soy sauce
・carrot naml (korean side dish)
½ carrot(shredded)
a pinch of salt, garlic powder
・green bell pepper (Mugen Pi-man)
3 green bell pepper
½ tsp chicken soup paste
a pinch of salt
½ tsp grated ginger
・boiled broccoli
⅓ head broccoli
a pinch of salt
・Boiled egg
1 egg
1 tsp Mentsuyu
½ tsp potatp starch
1~2 tbsp water
2 large eggs
・apple bunny
½ apple of your choice
½ tsp salt
1 cup water

Full recipe:

Tamagoyaki recipe

Teriyaki sauce

Metsuyu recipe

Japanese Bento playlist

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Sharing output get better skills.
Thanks! Love from Japan♡


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Des Gardius 2012 says:

Looks pretty good!

John S says:

Ai no longer post on “ cooking with Ai”. Her new channel in Ali’s munchies

Salad.ch菜饗 namotenashi says:

I want to try it.

Emily Williams says:

Guys if you don’t make anything else from this video make those bell peppers! They really are so good you can’t stop eating them 😋

Matthew Brodkin says:

congrats on the collab

whimsicalVanilla says:

Is it okay to use Tempura-Fried kabocha or sweet potatoes for the Tenmusu instead?

Linn Cedervall says:

I LOVE your channel, I can't stop watching your videos. Thank you for being inspiring! 全部美味しそうです!I'm currently living in Japan and I was wondering if you have any good tips on good dashi powder that's not containing MSG. I was also wondering if you have any favorite chicken soup paste that you use. I would be so, so thankful for an answer!

Kaye L says:

I love this collab! Thank you for your hard work and sharing these recipes!

Ina Radutu says:

how do you make fried egg, omelet and boiled egg from a single egg?

jasminderpinder says:

Love your recipes! simple, quick and easy to make…and looks really delicious. Thank you!

Jasper Fen says:

This was great! Suddenly I want to get some nicer bento boxes for myself.
Were these bento sized for children? I have trouble estimating needed food quantity.
I will check out your fellow youtuber's channels. Thanks!

Nicole Henderson says:

I'm so excited to try these they all look super simple and delicious

Peter Engström says:

Always fun to watch you make interesting foodstuff. I always try to have home cooked lunch with me to work and when I make a real bento and use my Edo-style bento box (fake wood) from Japan my colleagues just stare at it and wonder what that is. 😀 Thanks for some new ideas I will try out for my lunches.

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