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Tasting Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes
Glen gets into the kitchen and walks us through what it takes to build a chocolate chip cookie recipe from scratch. Julie helps out as the two taste test multiple chocolate chip cookie recipes and discuss what they like and don’t like about each cookie. Chewy chocolate chip cookies, cakey chocolate chip cookies, crispy chocolate chip cookies, coffee house chocolate chip cookies.
Glen walks us through the idea of bakers percentage – which helps us to understand how the ingredients work with each other as well as how to easily change the amounts to get cookies with different taste and texture.

The full ‘Anatomy of a chocolate chip cookie’ playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgOb3zseg1hTmx86ZpwOjb8ZUb4Bc-_1Z

Commercial kitchens, and recipe developers rely on ‘Bakers Percentage’ to work out what a baking recipe should be. Pretty much every Baking recipe (cakes, cookies, bread, etc) have a base formula that is known to work and give a certain result. Recipe developers take these ‘knowns’ and manipulate the percentages to create new recipes.
Baker’s Percentage is expressing all the ingredient amounts by weight as a percentage of the weight of the flour… not that complicated, but we’ll do a video in the future all about that.

In the end – we change the proportion of butter and sugar to get a cookie that is chewy, crispy, or cakey.

Over this series we will have:
Building the recipes: https://youtu.be/XNt9iKFZJAI
Thin Crispy Chocolate Chip Cookie: https://youtu.be/ORapfeUiG-s
Buttery Crispy Chocolate Chip Cookie: https://youtu.be/eCvkxmL52v4
The All Rounder Chocolate Chip Cookie
Cakey Chocolate Chip Cookie
Coffee Shop Chocolate Chip Cookie

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Glen & Friends Cooking says:

Thanks for watching. If you liked it – subscribe, give us a thumbs up, comment, and check out our channel for more great recipes! Even if you didn't like it – subscribe and hit that bell button so you'll never miss a chance to leave a comment and give a thumbs down! Our 'Anatomy Of A Chocolate Chip Cookie' Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgOb3zseg1hTmx86ZpwOjb8ZUb4Bc-_1Z

Marx says:

One year anniversary

Shadowjack says:

Please make white chocolate macadamia cookies that rival or taste better than subways cookies

Mo Mc says:

I freeze cookies to eat later as I cook them in cooler temperatures and eat some of them when it is too hot to bake (keep air conditioning costs down–my freezer was the most economical re energy (energystar) use that we could buy at the time. South-western Ontario is way tooo hot and humid in the summer!

Sonny Black says:

I would have demolished all of those cookies for you guys! Another variation I like is to substitute half of the butter with cream cheese. It changes the flavor profile a little, but greatly changes the texture. That is with a more "cakey" recipe, not sure how it would act with the higher percentage butter. Love the channel!

Ole Dall says:

Be careful with your percentage calculations. When you change from 100% butter to 60%, then you also lower the total mass of the dough, and your percentages are higher than you think. Keep your total mass constant and calculate from there. (From a production pharmacist)

Kenosis says:

Thank you so much for your extra efforts. So glad to find your channel!! I love your kindness to put the baker's percentage, grams, and the proper percentage to cut down the sugar 😇🙏, cause I really like crispy and not too overly sweet cookies. Thanks again, Gbu.

Kiersten79 says:

Well…. I’ll stock up on chocolate. I don’t think the husband will let this go until I’ve made each recipe and we can compare ourselves *chuckle. Brilliant per-usual 👍🏻

AlisonLW says:

Another great video! Thanks!

Kimmie says:

Thank you for sharing your experience of making chocolate chip cookies. Have you thought about doing an experiment with a few you tubers videos of chocolate chip cookies? There's alot of tubers showing how to make the best chocolate chip cookie. I would like to see you make them and conpare.

Rebecca Ubogi says:

It's like in this episode of Friends, when Monica tries to find out the chocolate chip cookies recipe of Phoebe's grandmother 😁!

sennest says:

Great idea come to full fruition! Thank you so much, again!

Katarina Belcijan says:

Great experiment! I think that you should also try different ratios of sugar… it gets complicated. in my country standard is 3:2:1 flour:butter:sugar :) I think methods are also important (creaming, rubbing butter,…), egg/no egg, type of butter (softer/sturdier) or even different fat… the variations are endless, but great work! I belive baking/cooking is part science and part artform :p

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