1 Pound Ground Beef, 4 Easy Dinners

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ArnoldArchives says:

This music is better than any recipe on the planet. Gimme that Jazz!!!

Grumpy Viking says:

Swedish meatballs my ass.

Luke says:

looks so unhealthy

guess who? says:

If you don't have bread crumbs but have croutons use them they even add more flavor to your dishes. Crackers work well also.

guess who? says:

When making stuffed peppers make sure to pick out peppers that have 4 bumps on the bottom not just for standing them up but for taste. Peppers with 3 bumps are for more like salads.

guess who? says:

You can use hamburger helper and add the same things in your self. I used hamburger helper one that had rice and I used it to make stuffed peppers. I also use hamburger helper to make casserole s. Their seasonings taste great. Use your own imagination us I G a cheap old thing lime hamburger helper. You'll surprise your self with what you can make. Cheaper than buyi g spices . I add all kinds of stuff to it .

Rhonda Weber says:

Pharmaceutical advertising is UNETHICAL!

Mike D says:

Trying those meatloaf cups at work in the next 30 days. Like that quick cook time.

Joyce Goff Goff says:

excellent thank you

deborah christensen says:

These all look very good

jake Simeon says:

Is that five alarm funk?!?!?

Monica Evie says:

They didnt drain the grease!!!!! Dx

Daphne Rodriguez says:


Jessica Dailey says:

Everyone is saying four pounds of ground beef not one pound .what they are showing is four different recipes that you could cook with just a pound of beef.

Rylan Storm says:

I tried the Swedish Meatball Pasta. As the milk and broth came to a boil the milk separated and congealed and the meal, the £5 of meat that had gone in to it and the 40 mins of my time went down the drain.

This is the 3rd and last Tasty recipe for me. None of them have been good.

Now, every single Food Wishes recipe I've followed has been fantastic.

Cha Cann says:

Heaven on a plate…😍😍😍😍😍

Joseph Emerson says:

Anybody notice the video length?😉

Eka Aditya says:

Ngentot pengen gue patahin tangan nya di dish terakhir, ngapain lu repot2 pake ice Cream scoup terus lu pake tangan juga ngeratain di loyang nya, tai tai

Rice BoGum says:

… this is not easy 😳

joshua ahhh says:

Wow these kick a#$

Megan Carter says:

This stuffed peppers recipe, seems to be in a lot of their compilation videos

#Anime 2 says:

I want to try all of these! The meatloaf cups look like a smart idea. I wonder if they are tender though.

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