10 Classic Cocktail Recipes You Should Memorize

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For anyone starting out in the world of home bartending, here are 10 classic cocktail recipes that you should memorize. See the cheat sheet below for the drink recipes!

Classic Cocktail Recipes Cheat Sheet

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Buffalo blues says:

All one has to remember is the person's name and what their drinking. Just ask Patty Ford—Pat Ford, an institution at Smith and Wolinsky's NYC Grill. Patrons stuff Bens/Grants/Hamiltons into his shirt pocket All night.

BigJenni says:

Are there any classic rum based drinks you recommended to memorize when starting out?

Aisha Cabrera says:

I wanted recipes 🙄

its bunny says:

Whisky sour is made from 4 ingredients. Bourbon whiskey, lime juice, sugar syrup g egg white

Benjamin Dan says:

No egg white in a whiskey sour? My heart's breaking over here

Mina69a says:

No recipes? Awww….

Francisco Delgado says:

No mojitos?

Charmaine Cabance says:

I am SO excited to have found your channel. I've wanted to become a bartender for years and I am finally being given the opportunity to make one, heard it helps to know the classics. Will definitely be back for more.

Love from Toronto x

Ahmed Vlogs says:

Yeah I was trying to see how to make these

TJ Perez says:

I would like to know how to make a "Sir Crispeth" Thank you kind Sir. -Teejster

Justine Glickman says:

I was hoping for the recipes as well, not just the list 😉

Anton Kinloch says:

Books to reference are PDT, Distilled, The Bar Chef, and Employees Only. Lots of great classics there including some new stuff. The important thing is technique as well.

Jamarr Ferguson says:

nice man, thank you!

Brian McCann says:

Elliott…great recs for learning delicious classic cocktails that will help you build a strong foundation in bartending. Do you have any go to books or other resources (besides your own) that you love for learning the basics?

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