10 Dessert Recipes For All the Bakers Who Are Feeling Tired of Chocolate Chip Cookies!

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1. Cookie Dough Protein Cheesecake: https://bit.ly/2wWTNPX
2. Brownie Batter Injected Cookies: https://bit.ly/2UGcQau
3. Half-Baked Ice Cream Bombs: https://bit.ly/2xEzAOR
4. Marbled Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Loaf: https://bit.ly/2xmZVRb
5. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Crumb Cake: https://bit.ly/2X4mxkg
6. Cannabis Cookie Dough Cups: https://bit.ly/2yrSqZT
7. Cookie Dough Dessert Lasagna: https://bit.ly/2WFfu1A
8. Marbled Lava Cookies: https://bit.ly/37DpzxH
9. Ooey-Gooey Funfetti Butter Cake: https://bit.ly/3dReddS
10. Cookie Dough Cheesecake Butterfinger Bars: https://bit.ly/2xznuC6
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Shreya says:

Maybe tell us which ingredients you're using and how much of it you're using….?

buddy77587 says:

Very nice fresh recipes

Pari Zad says:

Okey fine I might not try them but I still want measurements in this video πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

Puppy Lover says:

Me: Dude where are the measurements

My brain: Oh please like you will ever make any of these

Me: …
True dat

Crippling Hearts says:

THIS is how to impress your parents.

Vincenzo's Plate says:

My god, I'm literally drooling

Maliha Baig says:

I m not tried of eating chocolate chip cookies I m tried of staying home in quarantine


Wow nice recipe, i also have a YouTube channel and learn alot from your vedios

ꢁ동이 λ°₯상 -Chef Jaden says:

Hi, I am a Korean chef. I am so happy to see various dishes on your channel.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

waterninten says:

Who's here when the video didn't have the ingredients in it/

Lucia- Nishino Jurado says:

I like it with the perfect dough mixture

Dessert Alert says:

I love sweets! I just made mini mocha cheesecakes the other day for my channel and they were amazing!

arikalamari says:

5:47 holdup, i know my supermarket doesn't have these

Hermitey Perez Triana says:

Horrible music

Linkfan419 says:

I just want to know what the song is called and who it's by.
Although everything does look good with jazzy music.

LocalJax ASMR says:

Thanks for sharing this wonderful desserts recipe.

Ashley Hopkins says:

Yet the first recipe has Chocolate chips πŸ‘€

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