10 Easy Cocktails To Make At Home

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10 Easy Summer Cocktails you can make at home.

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Summer has arrived and with it so have parties! This year we decided to bring you some easy and delicious cocktail recipes that will kill at any party you throw! So strap in and enjoy the video and as always I’ll see you in the comments!

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Cocktails in This video:
1. Modern Cosmopolitan: 0:29
2. Ivy Gimlet: 1:37
3. Floradora 2:34
4. Fresh Berry Bramble 3:51
5. Tijuana Rocket 4:55
6. Saladito: 5:49
7. Ajax Punch: 6:32
8. Dark and Stormy: 7:42
9. Mamie Taylor: 8:19
10. Pimm’s #1 Cup: 8:43

List of Ingredients:
Citron Vodka
White Rum
Dry Sparkling wine
Reposado tequila
Lemon Juice
Grapefruit Juice
Simple Syrup
Cranberry Juice
Pomegranate Molasses
Red Bell Pepper

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Steve the Bartender says:

Damn dude(s), that's an epic thumbnail!! Great vid

Donald Godide says:

Restaurants aren't gonna make money after this video

Mangaleshwaran Vnpa says:

Great video buddy

John Ghiz says:

Great presentation…but a bit rushed.

Jane59 hanza says:

I very like bartender when you make

Nadia Harden says:

There is absolutely no reason he needed to include that much ice in most of those drinks. He’s really out here just slinging this ice wherever he pleases. Also take a shot every time he says nice, light, or little😂

Wolframe says:

Fun fact: Citron means Lemon in swedish

Karla F says:

Wish I could try them all

Crazy Rich Cooking with Chef Sisou says:

I love your ten easy cocktail homemade drink

Wes jack says:

Interesting thanks for sharing

Perfectly Paige says:

Where can i get that bag of ice ?

Abigail Chamberlain says:

And there you have it my friends!

Clorox Bleach says:

and there you have it my friends

Stephanie G says:

Why am I watching this I’m not even 21

Stacey Kersting says:

Beautiful! I'm always wondering how to buy 2 bottles and get about 5 different cocktails? Small, inexpensive party for 2-4 ppl.

Maayke Mosch says:

And there you have it my friends 🥂

Michelle says:

Yass!! I want my cocktail shaked like that!! I bet it’s delicious

Mia Simms says:

There’s nothing light about that shake lol but your cocktails look amazing!

J Daniel says:

That’s beautiful bro! 🥂👍

olma97 says:

That's not a Pimm's cup tho…

Cat S says:

Love this! Also where did you get your pebble ice at???

ash ayala says:

If I ever saw my bartender shake my drink like that I would be terrified

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