100% gluten free fried chicken

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i have celiac disease and it makes it where i cannot have any grains, and no gluten at all without becoming very sick. in this video i show you how to make fried chicken that is 100% grain and gluten free. it is just as good if not better than KFC or popeyes depending on which spices and herbs you use. be sure to check out my other cooking videos for great recipes.

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sarah kelly says:

Dear white person . We don’t only wash the chicken because of germs . The lime and vinager washing gets out the raw taste and it makes the meat taste mor fresh

Alice Hat says:

Kinda messed up the frying, but so far so good!

Stacy Kwick says:

Love your channel! I too have Celiacs, Crohn's, and other food allergies, and your recipe looks so easy. I found your channel tonight afffffter attemting with gluten free flour…it was terrible!

Karen Micheletti says:

Wondering how this would work in air fryer

Reply366 says:

What could be used as a potato starch substitute and for the milk would unsweetened almond milk work?

Know Your Joe says:

This looks great. Shared it with a friend who is on the lookout to gluten free recipes. Thanks for sharing.

Buccdan Gaming says:

I'm, gluten And it sucks when you think about well, you can't eat McNuggets KFC stuff like that. I, found out I got it when I was 7 years old I had many stinkers Diarrhea stuff like that. and, today. I fell like why can't they, make gluten free but now I found this video.

coderspy says:

Have you ever tried any other gluten-free flours like arrowroot starch? I tend to avoid potato starch for any recipe that doesn't have a lot of sugar in it since I'm unfortunately a super-taster and potato starch taste very bitter to me because of that.

L. Jolie says:

Great. Thank you.

Giaz Cuisine says:

if you are also lactose or dairy allergic than you can use flax seed meal egg replacer instead of egg and coconut/almond milk instead of regular milk, just a tip for people who dont want any dairy in there!~

Yannis GF Cooking says:

Delicious!!!! Super 👍

The Hills Have Eyes says:

Yeah I don’t wash my meat, just bringing it up to the proper internal temp kills the bacteria. And starch is wayyy better than flour, crispier result :) like Korean fried chicken. Gonna try this when my chicken thaws out! Thanks for the recipe

Emma White says:

Are you allergic to pepper too? I can’t have gluten, dairy, vanilla, pepper and ginger

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