12 Appetizer Recipes For Pizza Lovers • Tasty

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These appetizers will steal a pizza your heart. Tasty recipes for pizza lovers all around! If you want more of Tasty, check out our merch here: https://amzn.to/2GJ2xvv

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Star Art Speed Paints says:

The first song was very stressful and gave me anxiety… 😨

Vicky Ayekof says:

Am I the only one that watches these videos when I’m hungry?

meme ghost says:

Or you could just make me a pizza pls

I B says:

guys I love your videos but work on the background music… please😰

FBI says:

what kind of pasta is in 1:03

Milena J says:

I missed the whole video because I was focusing on my ice cream

Harasuke Amu says:

Tasty always puts out great quality vids. Keep up the good work!!

Emiliano Anselmini says:

Why is pepperoni on every recipe? It's like the only flavour you guys know?

Miaxx Msp says:

Every time I watch food vids it makes me hungry

Blender Boi says:

Dang all of this was pizza that looks different

Dueler459 Rayqauza-gx says:

I am the only kid watching these videos replie if you are a kid and you are watching

Retarded Boyz says:

I can’t eat pork and most of these dishes included pork :(

Max Whittier says:

Two questions;
1: Why did they use the skin of the tomato in the pizza rose?
and 2: Why did they not call the calzone a calzone? (Or a stromboli I suppose, I've seen both names applied to the same kind of thing even if they are technically different.)

This is like the thing where they forget the potato mashers exist, isn't it?

Tomy Zahra says:

That music is really annoying and repetitive

Saketh P says:

What did they use for the mini pizza bites? Is it a corn tortilla?

Idk says:

I just buy store brand deep pan cheese pizza, It’s ok for my cheap fat ass

Brooklyn Cutler (STUDENT) says:

I love pizza :)

Hashtag _ Gamer says:

I’m Italian and my grandma makes the best pasta and fried egg plant, it’s so good, Like this if your italian.

Game Friend says:

What know kind of dough?

toomany_ biases says:

What they all had in common:
Pizza dough, peperoni, cheese

Two VP says:

Best pizza is ITALIAN pizza, go to eat your little hamburger

Addy Smith says:

I love y'all videos

Do Kim says:

Pizza with puff pastry! Best of both worlds!

Sabor Cat says:

Spiderman 2 Pizza Theme intensifies

Josh220 Dailies says:

If u live in Britain the auntie Annie’s pepperoni pretzel was life 😂

Idk Idc says:

I wanna work there so bad

Soline Reb says:

Why is there The Incredibles music on a video about pizza ? 😂

Art33mis says:

The music does not fit at all, don’t know what you were thinking 🤔

Cubifier says:

Sherlock Holmes is on the case😂

8ggt says:

Its looks Soooooo Delisssshhh

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