12 Banana Bread Recipes That Will Warm Your Soul • Tasty Recipes

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We’re mindful of how the current coronavirus outbreak might be affecting your access to stores and general grocery items. Please know that many of these videos were filmed before the outbreak and additional new videos filmed by our producers, working safely from their homes, may look and feel different than what you’re accustomed to. We don’t expect you to make all of our recipes now, but we hope you’ll find it a joyful distraction that’s entertaining, inspiring, and worth saving for a future food challenge or meal shared with friends.

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jess ie says:

i dont even know wtf they're doing, i just like watching food being made

Smriti Mishra says:

Do make eggless recipe

Your Geography Query Solver says:

It's soooo satisfying to watch 😇

Louise Yao says:

Me:wanting to buy every baking ingredient
My brain:C.O.R.O.N.A.V.R.U.S
life:yeah brainio

Rhin O says:

I see this video like: Bruh. I have a FAMILY RECIPE! I don't need anymore bananas!

Rhin O says:

It kinda weirds me out on the fried banana one.

Sweets says:

Hey guys! I just dropped my first video in my hopes to one day match Tasty! Check it out!

lm says:

I love how the first comments are all so positive, later all the negative comments roll in :(

Titbit says:

My goodness I'm craving to eat all this very much!! You guys are awsm. I love everything about this channel. Keep teaching us like this. Thankyou 😍 Loved your work❤

Oreo Da bean says:


Endless Cooking says:

12 recipes!!?? Man… we are getting spoilt 😂

Suspiciousdaminals says:

37th comment

Francis Nguyen says:

Banana Bread is delicious warm soul from Tasty.

Sina Mathews says:

3 hours late😩😩😩

Louise Yao says:

Who watches every single video that tasty posted, and is waiting for more?
👍 if you do
Comment if you don’t

Heather Yoeli says:

30th commenter

Francesca Pickering says:

Why do I always look at rhe comments, and see about 10 different coments that all say "first". It kinda ruins the point, ngl. I was convinced there could only be one thing that was "first", but clearly primary school lied to me!

Snabil Sheraz says:

they make it looks soo easy to me it takes hours to make anything

Salma Youssef says:

Yummy 😋😋

Evangeline Emerson says:

I'm actually kinda early for once! But I loved it!!!

Rae Nelle says:

21st person to comment on this video I’m 24 mins early and late oml

ilanah lol says:

15th I guess

Moghasmeals says:

Amazing, delicious and tasty recipes . Always giving me ideas of recipes to recreate 😍

md Tajal says:

Banana!!!!!!!!! Yekkkk!

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