12 Delicious Seafood Dinners • Tasty

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Shrimps, scallops, salmon, and more! Here are 12 delicious seafood dinners for your weeknight.

Get the recipes here: https://tasty.co/compilation/12-delicious-seafood-dinners

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Ashley Quispe S. says:

Somebody know a the song’s name ???

Isabel's Kitchen Boutique says:

The salmon looked good

Levi Iceberg says:

Why do people still eat animals when we don't need to?

ekta singh says:

They don’t look tasty as u have not used any spices in most of them it will be the most yuckiest thing

Mykel and Beckham says:

Who is alergic to sea food
I don't want like just wanna know

Robloxian jejemsxo says:


Mika Dela Cruz says:

Idk why I'm watching this while I hate seafood

XxMika PikaxX says:

Hey tasty I wonder if you could try this shrimp recipe Its really easy!

1. A cup pf flour
2. 2 eggs
3: Mix
4: Leave the mixture aside
5. Put breadcrumbs in a bowl
6 : coat Chilled shrimp in the mixture and breadcrumbs
7.chill for 10 mins
8. Fry



Ngoc Giang Nguyen says:

Perhaps, shrimp is cheaper , so you just make it many times.

Monika Anna says:

6:33 "assorted veggies" IT'S FOUR BEANS

@da_king says:

I'm so craving for this!!!!

나우영 says:

헛자피티지 아이프라이 데이스
피자헛스이 데이라프이 아지티

Hannie DM says:

mmm this is good. esp for me being pescatarian

Tarantula Cake says:

I could eat all these in one sitting

Carmen Delgado says:

The music got annoying after a while but these recipes look amazing!!!

Cyril Newtin says:

You can have healthy seafood dishes that taste good with the Ultimate Collection Of Seafood Recipes. Just look at a few of the recipes you will find inside: @t
Baked Catfish Supreme
Barbecued Fish Margarita
Broiled Bay Scallops
Cajun Catfish Courtbouillon
Catfish Caribbean
Citrus Grilled Jumbo Scallops
Crayfish Tails A La Carlton
Flounder Florentine
Glazed Grilled Trout
Grilled Gingered Swordfish
Grilled Shark Teriyaki
Hawaiian Fish With Thai Banana Salsa
Outer Banks Clam Chowder
Oysters Annapolis
Poached Salmon With Lobster Butter
Shrimp Or Scallops Provencal
Tuna Almondine
and Many More

Jasmine ameena says:

This makes me wanna eat sea good

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