13 of the BEST Lunch & Dinner Recipes From Tastemade Japan

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Cheese-Stuffed Fondue Bread – https://bit.ly/3dFayzR
Mini Shumai – https://bit.ly/3fOmP59
Yakiniku Rice Burger – https://bit.ly/2XLOTjM
Japanese Chicken & Egg Rice Bowl – https://bit.ly/2Z6Dz0A
Spring Rolls with Sakura Petals – https://bit.ly/2yOKNwU
Korean Beef Wrapped Cheese & Rice – https://bit.ly/3eLP3g5
Crispy Somen with Ankake Sauce – https://bit.ly/3eFVsck
Roasted Corn & Bacon Rice – https://bit.ly/3fzMIWy
Cute & Round Chirashi Sushi – https://bit.ly/32NVXNd
Ice Cube Tray Shumai – https://bit.ly/3fCPBpK
Salmon Steak with Black Sesame – https://bit.ly/2ZC8fbt
Fluffy & Cheesy Japanese Chicken Meatballs – https://bit.ly/2ZE2xpN
Cheesy Hashbrowns – https://bit.ly/2wKCUr9


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Philip Mai says:

This is about as Japanese as cream cheese in sushi

pushpa manjappa says:

4:57 nice flip

Endless Cooking says:

Japanese food are so beautiful and delicate 😍

Helen says:

Would it not be easier to put on screen the ingredients and measurements? Or better yet what the dish you're making is?

enterdanement says:

Japan is on another level 😍

Ariha Food Style says:

you are good nice recipe .i see your video now can we make friends

Kelsie B says:

Am I the only one that doesn't think some of these look very appetising?

Poonam smart kitchen says:

Awesome 👍

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