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Are you up to cooking something yummy today? Cooking is an amazing thing to do with kids! Cooking develops responsibility and creativity. Check out our collection of kid-friendly recipes that are good for every day! Check out all of them and don’t forget to tell us in the comments, and tell us, which idea you liked most of all.

You can cook culinary masterpieces using ordinary products. Check out how to cook awesome things using plain sausages. One of the coolest ideas is sausage fingers that look insane! Surprise all your guests at a party with this creepy but yummy snack!

There are many awesome ideas with instant noodles as well. Learn how to make a yummy noodle and sausage casserole! This recipe literally takes 5 minutes.

Watch this video up to the end and learn awesome hacks with a waffle maker. Yes, you can cook not only waffles using this device. Check out how to make juicy cheese nuggets and potato pancakes. Another awesome idea that shouldn’t remain unnoticed is a sundae cake! Cook it for a party or a family dinner and surprise everyone with your creativity.


00:19 – Sausage fingers
02:45 – Creative fondue
03:43 – Instant noodles hacks
08:05 – Waffle maker recipes

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Morrita Reyes says:


Morrita Reyes says:


Jinsheng Wu says:

ah. yes. kids do love creepy fingers.

i am not a youtuber says:

i know what the first it is sandwich hands

ItsmeSanne says:

Nederlanders, laat je horen!


What they are doing with noodles yuck 🤯🤯

Sarwono Maya says:


Jäger Bomb says:

1:28 guess what form it into a star yeah thats what i thought

Jäger Bomb says:

0:52 you say this is cute and for kids

Sudip Tarafdar says:

It is still showing as the thumbnail 🤪🙄😒😔☹️😕😟😬🤐🤭😰😨😳🤯😞😩😫😱🤮😠😤😑😡🤬😈👿👎🤜🤛✊👊

Xing Liu says:

4:23 um. What planet are you from?

Melicorn Gamer says:

Does anyone else think the way to cook sausages are just creative ways to make pigs in a blanket?

Carly Bearden says:

Nice try no one beats takahashis ramen noodles

FUN TIME WITH ACTIVITIES from jahanvi and sanvi says:

You not label the thing that what you are using so who we will make it.

Lester genesis Leones says:

The first recipe is very familiar

davi 05 says:

E una presa per il culo agli italiani

Laura Harvey says:

5:00 what annoys me is that they left some noodles in that

David Gabriel Tancau says:

First recipe:whitch fingers.
Proceeds to cut sausages,roll them in dough,brush them with "tomato blood" and put an almond for a nail.
Me:Say sike right now!

DJ MixLove says:

My mom made the hot dogs with spaghetti all the time squids

Emma Sarabia says:

Piensa en un cantante

Sierra la boca

Dale like

Escribe esto en otro video

Prueba tu voz

Giselle Bain says:

Romin noodles cupcakes/I don't know why would anyone do that

William Huneycutt says:

Can you make a pumpkin pie

roney Zahid says:

4:28 it is not call cooked noodles. It is called boiled noodles. 😑😑😑

yael cohen says:

Just to be clear those are not noodles they’re RAMEN noodles

Linda Laela says:


starplix plop 2 says:

(12:23) Minecraft Sándwich

jostin martinez gonzalez says:

En el postre del minuto 3 24 les copiarte polinecios

June Andrade says:


TM Creative Direction says:

I like the kazoo playing. I think that was the best part of the video😁

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