15 Minute Coconut Cream Pie

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15 minutes is all you need for the perfect Coconut Cream Pie.
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Hi Bold Bakers! Coconut is one of my most favorite flavors, naturally creamy rich and sweet so it’s no surprise that I love coconut in all forms. This classic ingredient is the star of so many of my favorite desserts, but number one on my list is my 15 Minute Coconut Cream Pie. Let’s get baking!

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Get the WRITTEN RECIPE: http://bit.ly/15MinCoconutCream

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Bigger Bolder Baking says:

Hi Bold Bakers! I hope you have a spare 15 minutes because you’ll have a beautiful Coconut Cream Pie afterward! Here’s the written recipe: http://bit.ly/15MinCoconutCream

Scion Of dankness says:

I thought this was a inside joke from a song slash meme from a infamous cgi cartoon from a video game.. looks delicious joke

Mikey D Keyes says:

This is what Donkey Kong wants to shower on us

Isaiah Catano says:

I love how well you made this! I like every step of the recipe!💖👍

Barby Lee says:

I yonked it right out

todd says:

Finding unsweetened coconut is difficult, but not impossible, in the United States.

ClissaT says:

I'm not vegan but some ingredients just scream out to be put together!
If you wanted to use different ingredients:-
Use coconut cream instead of dairy cream and milk.
Use agar or guar gum instead of eggs and flour and don't heat the milk filling at all.
It doesn't have to be chilled either as it will set at room temp even on hot days.
The amount of agar will depend on how creamy or hard set you want the filling.
It can be beaten after it has set if you want it more creamy.
The coconut cream can also be beaten on its own or add a small amount of agar or guar gum for a really voluptuous whipped cream with even more coconut flavour.
It will need a tiny bit of salt and a good amount of vanilla.
Double triple yum!

valerie evans says:

Do you have to cook the coconut for this recipe please

Ann Deprés says:

Is the butter unsalted? I always buy Land O Lakes sweet cream salted butter.

Liz Bishop says:

Beautiful gonna make my husband this!!!! 💙

Eileen Lester says:

My favorite pie!!! TFS 💜💜💜💜💜💜

Naomi Kukunda says:

Gemma, you made me believe in myself. I love the way you always explain why you're doing things. You have single handedly demystified baking! ❤️

Fumi 2.0 says:

"cream pie"

John JohnG says:

My goodness. Everything you make is fabulous! ❤️❤️❤️

W Al says:

Love the way she says butter.

Noor Azraq says:

I made it twice with coconut cream instead of normal cream and it turned out great. I love desserts with coconut in them,and so does my grandma,she loved it too.

Umar Shaikh says:

I don't think i could ever do that in 15 minutes

maryjoan says:

This turned out amazing THANK YOU!

classy bow says:

My only complaint is measurements, I have no idea how to make it because there aren’t any measurements here or on the website :/

BigDaddy 69 says:

I made this for my gf 👍👍 thanks for the recipe

Anita Dhebaria says:

You need to give measurements while you pour in the ingredients. It makes it difficult to go back and forth

Adeline Low says:

Hi Gemma. I need your advice. Making this now and I used butter cookie instead of Graham cos it’s not available here. The crumbs ended up to be very wet almost muddy texture. I kept adding crumbs but it still ends up the same. Can I try freezing after putting in pan?

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