2 Easy SHOYU CHICKEN Recipes Ideas (Cooking with Mom)

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My mother joins me in the kitchen today to show you how to make her unbelievably easy Shoyu Chicken. PLUS she will show you two additional dishes that you can make using the chicken. Subscribe! http://goo.gl/18SB8p

Mirin https://goo.gl/gGlj7C
Sake https://goo.gl/u7j1M5
Soy Sauce https://goo.gl/SG5nGd

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RetroJ3000 says:

"Somehow I'm still here"
I feel that Mom. <3

BeKindLoveAlways says:

What kind of Shoyu do you use? Aloha? Kikkoman? Yamasa? Looks so oishi !!!

Heaven Earth says:

I love vlogs with your Mom. She so cute and talented. She is absolutely right easy and delicious 😋

shirley hocog says:

Shinichi what can I use if I don’t have sake?

Esterlita Salvaleon Takigawa says:

what is the next liquid ingredients after shouyo ? not so clear please kindly reply me here . Shouyo ….?????( second ingredients ) …..sake and shioga ..

Akiko Kawada says:

Please teach us how to cook tamagoyaki and tabesaki wings okasan way of cooking please thank you

G Lee says:

dont apologise for simple recipe mama! Love

Adoria says:

I will try all your recipes!! 😀 Relatively easy to find the right ingredients or similar ones :) Thank you so much!

Rino Allen says:

Your mom is just too adorable. Love to watch you guys.

Kenneth Stensrud says:

Your mum is so sweet. Reminds me of my paternal grand, she was very nice and sweet too. I have tried this recepe and it was just delicious. And for us westerners it is just a good thing that they are easy and uncomplicated to do.

Aquaria Austin says:

This is really similar to Filipino adobe. They simply use more ingredients.

Piper Rox says:

Oh Shinichi, your ocason (sp?) is so kawaii!!!! She reminds me so much of my aunt Kimiko from Japan.

The recipe for the sauce is one I will use always! I love that your mama’s are so simple yet so delicious! I love watching you both cook! 💕

Carla Tate says:

Could you braise a block of tofu in this I wonder….

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