2 Mouthwatering Recipes For Potato Lovers by Masterchef

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Masterchef John Zhang shares 2 mouthwatering ways to use a potato!

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Are you a foodie craving Chinese food? Look no further.

Here we have the best Chinese recipes, prepared by award-winning chefs to showcase authentic, traditional Chinese cooking.

Whether you want to know how to make Chinese dishes at home, or learn how to master cooking with a wok, we’ve got you covered.

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trampantojo 48 says:

la uña larga esa que lleva en el meñique para sacarse los mocos de la nariz o la cera de los oídos da mucho asco!!!

Saurian says:

I need to eat them, all of them. Now.

Nilson Gonzalez says:

El mejor chef

mo gurung says:


MrLordtiranus says:

The second one it's looks amazing 🤤

Francelee Paris says:

The second recipe… that’s not a mushroom…. that’s a horses thingy…🤔… but h’mazing video

Jonathan H says:

Chef had to show he don’t need no peeler for the potatoes 🥔 🔪

clint21210 says:

That second dish looks amazing!!!! I love this channel

Jono says:


QDWatchable says:

One concern: The second dish is soaking up so much oil – see the amount out frying oil at the beginning of the process — (I use the  handle bolt inside the frying pan to estimate)  – – when the potatoes are fried and then in the end when the mushroom are taken out.

Mathew Sissing says:

The soundtrack had me walking cows in the wilderness. All kinds of beauty.

Si Filey says:

Knife Skills

CeeCee Pollidore says:

Master chief master chef 👨‍🍳 !!!!’ Mmmmm

homadyuthi ambavarama says:

He cuts
He cooks
But mainly he fries them In a can of oil

Kam says:

They both look great!!

Manasa Rao says:

Switched to veggie because of corona virus. Guys please take care of your life.

L. Rishi. Meitei L. Rishi. Meitei says:

Stay strong sir be safe from corona virus 🙏🙏👏👍 I like the way your cooking style

Riko Saikawa says:

I’m Irish/German/Norwegian. I hate those delicious tubers

Shirley Castle says:

You've certainly put my baked potatoes to shame. You don't need a peeler with knife skills like yours. Great video as usual, thank you.

Moose Knuckle says:

The second dish is one I will have to try

Alberta Owusu says:

Thanks for sharing chef and stay blessed.

Neeraja ruth says:

Wow…awesome. Wonderful idea looking very delicious 👌👍😍😍😍

Berenice Choong says:

First recipe is almost like a potato croissant, but not dry. I will definitely try it! Second recipe reminds me a bit of Korean Fried Chicken but with potatoes and vegetables. A healthier alternative….? 😂😂😂 Thank you Chef!


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