24 Dorm-Friendly Microwave Meals

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Oliver Kjell says:

Microwaving macaroni does not work…tried it my self…had to put it back in every 3 minutes

Oliver Kjell says:

Microwaving macaroni does not work…tried it my self…had to put it back in every 3 minutes

sydneyalexander xo says:

If only I’d have cheese

Ummm Ummm says:

First one is fake idk about others cuz I didn’t try them after this

Preston Sturgis says:

You had me until you microwaved tortillas

Prathamesh Chitre says:

*puts fried rice in day microwave and calls it fried*

Illusion 100

Rachel P says:

do more collge/dorm friendly, on a budget food pleaseeee

Tristan Prosper says:

I finally have a use for the whole spaghetti squash lying around! And my quinoa and potatoes where about to expire

heathers channel says:

I think most of these are filmed on a floor…

Makayla Magnuson says:

most of these look like 5 star meals but they take like 5 min ♡ 😂😂😂

san95 says:

whats the cream and vegetable on potato in 2:17

Lisal Peiris says:

Microwave and fast food chains: I'm I a joke to you?

Katelynn Musgrove says:

I tried making the Mac and cheese just now and uuuuuhm yah it didn’t go so well 😂 I didn’t have macaroni noodles I only had “wide egg noodles” so I used those and then I used Mexican cheese and when I took a bite…it was just cheese 😆 and the noodles weren’t cooked all the way through 😩😂👌🏻

Rudi Sulistiyanto says:

Do with rice cooker please

Stefani Flores says:

Tried to make the Mac and cheese, the water came over

Re-An Abraham says:

Do you guys really think I have the money to be buying balsamic reduction?😂

Peri Dorkster says:

This is totally me cooking

Vohalika says:

00:06 – Mac and Cheese
00:40 – Mug Omelette
01:01 – Chicken Quesadilla
01:40 – Baked Potato
03:13 – Egg "Fried" Rice
04:02 – BBQ Chicken Nachos
04:32 – Bacon and Cheese (and bread)
05:00 – Veggie and Cheese (and bread)
05:23 – Blueberry French Toast
05:46 – Banana Chocolate (and bread)
06:11 – Bagel Sandwich
06:38 – Broccoli Edamame Bowl
07:28 – Scrambled Eggs
07:55 – Broccoli & Bacon Loaded Sweet Potato
08:51 – Caprese Pita Pizza
09:21 – Healthier Instant Noodles
09:41 – Veggie Tice Bowl
10:21 – Blueberry Almond Instant Oatmeal
10:34 – Healthier Fried Rice
11:25 – Breakfast Sanwich

Lisanne C says:

some of this stuff looks actually good like a meal.

Bumnobi Nwosisi says:

How can they take the things out of the microwave without burning themselves! How did they only use a cloth like 6 times!!

sauc3y 1o1 says:

I showed this to Gordon Ramsay…

Now he's HowToBasic…

Havi Lewin says:

I saw this vid on 5 minute crafts

Brandon Edwards says:

Yeah but how am I gonna store all the stuff required to make this?

Be gon T H O T Y E E T says:

Me adds egg to ramen
Roommate:this is some gourmet shit

I'macat says:

I mean I'm all for the collage students have no money jokes and yes I know is messed up. But come on the point of "dorm friendly" is you can make these without a ton of kitchen equipment. Its not meaning you have a whole spaghetti squash in your mini fridge its just meaning "hey if you are tired of raman noodles you can try some squash instead"


I am still in middle school, why am I watching this

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