3 Chicken Pie Recipes Compared (Microwave vs Pot Pie vs Chef's Version)

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Ad | Nothing beats a hearty chicken pie to dig in to after a long day. These three versions vary in cooking time from an ultimate classic shortcrust pastry encased version to a super speedy microwave option. You can still guarantee incredible flavour from every option.

Here are the recipes…

Microwave Chicken Pie: https://www.sortedfood.com/recipe/microwavechickenpie
Chicken Puff Pie: https://www.sortedfood.com/recipe/chickenpuffpie3way
Shortcrust Chicken Pie: https://www.sortedfood.com/recipe/shortcrustchickenpie

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Amy Rotella says:

I love all three chicken pie s, but my favourite is Jamie's pie. Good work !

sebeckley says:

I love chicken pot pie (in the US, it's not chicken pie. You have to include the pot because we don't have the history of meat pies.) I wonder if I made the microwave pie with the veloute sauce for a medium awesome pie.

Marie Michelle says:

I'd like a "behind the scenes" video of how you work, how you organise your days and how it works during filming =)

Annette Minnich says:

Every month or so, I make chicken pot pie, and always with a bottom crust. Yum!

Pistonrager says:

Split the difference… good crust on bottom, puff pastry on top.

Nigel Grech says:

You can save time on roasting the chicken if you spatchcock it

abbf26 -_- says:

i know this is probably weird but itd be cool if for like. autism awareness week or something you did a challenge where you cooked specifically for people with textural issues? its so rare for any cooking show to be like 'hey, sometimes soft textures physically hurt, so we' re going to cook this in this way' and id love to see it some day

Eragon Kvothe says:


EverythingCanadian57 says:

As a student I'm going for the microwave one. I'm excited to try.

seemezz says:

The song :'( 👎

Angela Smith says:

Idk why you keep saying 2 chefs and the rest are "normals"….. Berry, Jamie, and Mike know way more by now then 99% of "normals"… I wouldn't call them Chefs, because the chefs do help them, but cooks would be appropriate 😂

David Mahoney says:

Always loved slow cooker for chicken the day before, makes stock and cooks chicken. Also here in U.S we have full roasted birds you can buy from the grocery store that can be used if you are not wanting to cook your own.

T Stormer says:


MLG_Bear_Simulator says:

Can you do a pie pocket? Kind of like the fast food pies but instead of sweet filling make a pot pie? Like a hot pocket but a pot pie.

Mark Mutrux says:

That last pie broke didn't it!

Angela Edwards says:

I made this with leftover mashed potatoes, wine and chicken, and onion instead of leek. I eyeballed everything (no measurements). it STILL tasted awesome. THANK YOU!!

Jack Davis says:

Made the Mike-rowave pie for dinner tonight, and it’s got staying power in our house.

Noverly Twelve says:

Indonesian food theme

Kleoniki Tsitsani says:

You, guys,remind me of my own friends cooking all together and having the laugh of our lives.But you get to be sponsored…hahaaa! Love you all.

Lauren Cranidiotis says:

This is a much better intro!

Elijah Mares says:

Please fly to Brazil and try all the amazing fruits, cheeses and meats!!!

JJ Booster says:

love mike on camera #IWantMoreMike!!

Marvin Millan says:

Get grace and mamrie again! They are fun to watch with you guys

TheBindy1234 says:

You guys should do a Sunday roast battle.

Debbie Hargreaves says:

I love pastry, but it gives me heartburn ☹️ and I do like something saucy…oooer….so I’d compromise and go for no.2. Hubby would definitely go for no.3, he’s a ‘proper’ pie fan. But you’re right about the convenience of no.1 for a quick midweek meal too, and he does also love his mash! I think they all have a place for different circumstances. And they all look yummy 😋

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