3 Delicious Rice Skillet Recipes | Herbed Chicken, Cheesy Lasagna, and Vegetarian Mexican

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This week I’m making 3 quick and easy weeknight dinner ideas that you can feel really good about! My three rice skillets all come together in a single pan and sure to please the whole family! We’re starting with my Herbed Chicken Rice Skillet today and then we’re cooking up a delicious Cheesy Lasagna Rice Skillet and my delicious Vegetarian Mexican Rice Skillet!

Herbed Chicken Rice Skillet: https://inspiredentertainment.com/recipe/herbed-chicken-rice-skillet/
Cheesy Lasagna Rice Skillet: https://inspiredentertainment.com/recipe/cheesy-lasagna-rice-skillet/
Vegetarian Mexican Rice Skillet: https://inspiredentertainment.com/recipe/vegetarian-mexican-rice-skillet/

Homemade TACO Seasoning: https://inspiredentertainment.com/homemade-seasoning-blends/
Homemade ITALIAN Seasoning: https://inspiredentertainment.com/homemade-seasoning-blends/
Homemade Broth: https://youtu.be/KBdnLCFqFk0
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April armstrong says:

Congratulations on the baby! Great recipes :) Thanks 😀 👍

Andrea says:

The Cheesy Lasagna Rice Skillet looks super delicious :)

Eszter Katalin says:

I don't have the pic, but based on your ideas, I just put up some rice with beans and chicpeas, some red bell pepper, onion and seasoned with salt and pepper, curcuma and tarragon. I have to say it smells like yummie 😉

Violet Windvane says:

These look delicious. Always look for new ideas with chicken.

sanjay Sen says:

Love it….juss yummy…all the dishes are!!!!

Red Rose says:

Congrats !! Have a happy motherhood 💕💕

Maria says:

These all look delicious but I especially can't wait to get that lasagna bake in mah belly!

Shannon Moody says:

Thank you for this! I've been wanting some more rice recipes! 😊

Jiji Amin says:

Hi sarra i love rice☺

Katy says:

I love that you didn’t put ricotta in the lasagna because I hate lasagna simply because of the ricotta cheese.

Debra Manskey says:

Love these one-skillet ideas and congrats on the website! It looks great – as do you!

omar aboudrar says:

Hey that was delicious thank you 😊 .
I would like to ask you are you familiar with paella? I think it is similar to the last recipe.

Juan Medellin says:

I just made the vegetarian recipe for lunch and it tastes so good thanks for the recipe.

jassLmhn says:

wtf is taco seasoning?!

Epic Rhodent says:

Love your recipes <3
Your Baby has a good taste. Lasagne :)

Karen Daly says:

Checked out and subscribed to your website love, love, love it!
Could you add a link for your blog cast iron pan or a good store in Toronto to find a good quality reasonbly priced one

Hina Arsalan says:

looks yummy. plsssssssss make some quick and healthy recipe for toddlers, 2 years old. my girl doesnt eat raw vegetables like carrot and celery. pls make some that is delicious and healthy at the same time. love

Ima Nalien says:

I'm a vegetarian but I love to snack on animal crackers. Is that okay?

Amatullah F says:

What???? No blue shirt in this video?!?

Jaclyn A says:

Made the first recipe just now, it’s a time saver! And tastes great! Thank you!

Jessica G says:

I can just imagine the smell of the chicken and the rice… kanskajsk hungry T-T

night_owl7 says:

Love the second recipe! I've been getting bored of bringing the same meals to work, but I need something that reheats easily in the microwave, this looks like it would! I'll probably use ground turkey instead, I can't eat red meat any more :( but I"m sure the turkey will still taste delicious.

Tully3674 says:

Very excited to try all three dishes!

alextasy82 says:

These look amazing! This busy momma can't wait to try them out.

ninjaboy 941 says:

yammmm 😋😋😋

Reebee08 says:

Love these! Your bump is looking gorgeous too!

oneworld24 says:

I always wonder why don’t you wash your rice? In my culture we wash multiple times and soak the rice always. Since it’s a grain it’s sitting in warehouses and being transported in trains ( read: rodents and roches)

Lunna Wonka says:

Me gustaba más cuando colocaban los ingredientes en la caja de descripción

T Esson says:

I’m not able to print any of these recipes. ☹️

FanOfHenry&Edward 32 says:

They look delicious!

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