3 Easy Christmas Appetizers | Holiday Entertaining Recipes

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Spinach & Artichoke Christmas Tree Recipe | https://inspiredentertainment.com/recipe/spinach-artichoke-tree/

Cheesy Pull-Apart Christmas Tree Recipe | https://inspiredentertainment.com/recipe/cheesy-pull-apart-tree/

Olive Christmas Tree Recipe | https://inspiredentertainment.com/recipe/olive-tree/

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Carol Brock says:

I have made the styrofoam tree; but first I placed kale onto it. That way, when food is removed, it still looks good!!!

Amy Mrad says:

can you this a day in advance then bake it the next day?

Nadia B says:

For the tree can I use spinach dip

Norma Diaz says:

What other filling can I use? I don't like spinach or that filling? Any ideas?

Jim Gilbert says:

For those who have kids who are always pestering you while you're cooking Christmas dinner because they're bored and going crazy from all the yummy smells filling the house, I have a super-simple appetizer/snack recipe the kids can make to occupy them. This is one of my mom's recipes, and as an elementary school teacher, I would always have my students make this for our classroom holiday party. When I would tell them about it beforehand, the attitude was always, "So what?" But when they would make and then eat it, the excitement level was through the roof, even for the most jaded of my students. Okay, enough of the prelude. On to the recipe…


canned pineapple slices
maraschino cherries
whipped cream

Open the canned pineapple. Place a slice on a saucer.
Peel a banana, cut in half, and cut the rounded tips off (the kids can use a plastic knife to do the cutting so as to avoid any mishaps; in my classroom, I did the cutting).
You'll find that the banana half will fit perfectly into the hole in the slice of pineapple and stand up, supported by the pineapple.
Use a toothpick to pierce a maraschino cherry, then affix the cherry to the top of the standing banana.
Artfully apply the whipped cream (I use the store brand of Cool Whip) to the side and the base of the banana.
The pineapple slice is the candleholder, the banana is the candlestick, the cherry is the flame, and the whipped cream is the melted wax from the candle.
A nice appetizer/snack that's super-easy, requires no cooking, and is healthy.
(Okay, the cherries are loaded with that red syrup in the jar, but otherwise…)

The kids will love that they're helping make something for Christmas dinner, they'll each try to outdo each other artistically, and they'll have fun, so time will pass quickly for them.


komal mehndiratta says:

what can be used instead of egg wash?

Dinu sansari Gunawardhana says:

Im from sri lanka .thank you so much sis i like your vedios❤

John Mitchelson says:

I love these

Victoria Bennett says:

Best video I have seen that is easy and festive. All the others took too much time and too many steps. When you are hosting a get together for Christmas by yourself, you need quick easy stuff. Thank you!

Melissa C says:

I was given your cookbook for Christmas and I just Love it 🙂

Penell E says:

Great, easy, ideas that are delicious and not expensive. Also kudos for giving credit to Delish for the recipe you featured.

Kimberly Marr says:

Good evening lovely wanted to know what kind of spinach dip did you use, because the one you have looks absolutely delicious.


Thank you for sharing, love your post!

Jessica Smith says:

Hey Sara!! What would you recommend as a DF option for the cute twisted tree??

Susan Crawford says:

Very yummy & you are very easy to listen to

Asj J says:

Can we use puff pastry dough?
And what else can we use for spinach and artichoke dip?, I don’t like artichoke

aKiZoT says:

How do you eat that olive tree though? Everyone just grabbing one and touching dozens of olives in the process? Great idea.

Veronica says:

Currently making the spinach and artichoke Christmas tree!🎄

Kiki D'Maurice says:

WOW! I am in love with all 3! The olive tree is adorable!

snooooopycomehome says:

Have a friends Christmas Eve open house to attend. JUst bought huge container of mixed olives & feta. Know what I'm going to do with it now! Love your channel Queen Lovely! 😘

Deb 65 says:

Amazing 👏👏

Rachel Palikaras says:

Would these recipes not work with phyllo dough?

Ms_PG says:

Amazing!’ Im going to get on to this. 1 if not all!

Donna Noe says:

Yum, yum. I am going to gain so much weight watching this. I bought your cookbook last spring. Omg. I love it. You are so talented. Thank you for sharing these wonderful recipes. Merry Christmas.

mary mcaskile says:

You are the Lovely One! I've asked for your cookbook for Christmas. I do hope I'll be able to waddle over to pick it up after eating so many of your fabulous creations here on your channel. Merry merry to you & yours..

X. Rodig says:

All of these looked so delicious! I loved how this is like half recipe, half arts and crafts project!

Katarzyna Grzejda says:

I’ll be doing a sweet version of a cone Christmas tree using cake pops :) I wonder how many olives did you use and how high was your cone?

Aileen says:

OMG. THE OLIVE TREE!! I love this idea! So beautiful and innovative ❤️❤️

I Heart China says:

Merry Christmas from Dali, China!!! THIS LOOKS AMAZING and I am so excited to see if I can find all these ingredients and try it out!!!

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