3 Easy Egg Mayo Sandwich Recipes

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Gurwinder Kaur says:

Dislike fot 1st receipe

Kass Arthur says:

I use Miracle Whip instead of Mayonnaise

Priya Balaraman says:

Yenna cream athu tharila

Nina Familia says:

Not them tryna make a egg sandwich fancy wtf

Mahmuda Jharna says:

preserve kora jabe?

Jose Sandoval says:

At my age Mayo and Egg combo dishes give me tons of gas.

Marieta Placibe Vlog says:

I like the last recipe

C Jamie says:

Too much Mayo. You made it fattening.

KAA says:

that looks woowwww

Eunice Osamudiamen says:

Jesus thank You for meals!

Sweet home says:

Niceee…🤗😋👌 I have one recipe ..

worm apple says:

White vibegar ganti pakai apa

Louise Aguilera says:


Linda E. Brown says:

What! No butter in the bread! Wow!!

my life in Malaysia says:

Very delicious, easy and quick

Tasty Cooking with Khwahish says:

Stay safe and stay connected

Gari Bergeron says:

First one is egg salad sandwich. I use a small food processor and get it real creamy and not vomit chunks. Sorry.

Champy2012 says:


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