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Hi y’all! Welcome to I Heart Recipes. Here on my channel I show you how to make my favorite soul food recipes whether it be dinner or dessert. I have a ton of cooking tutorials including recipes for mac and cheese, homemade southern peach cobbler, numerous chicken recipe, candied sweet potatoes, cornbread dressing, pasta and more. You name it, I got it. Check out some of my easy cooking tutorials below, and bring out your inner chef!

Southern Baked Macaroni and Cheese : https://youtu.be/hcAM69dhawM
Smothered Pork Chops : https://youtu.be/4mgLQsFwRCk
Southern Banana Pudding Recipe : https://youtu.be/QJgTkVsLMoo
Southern Smothered Chicken Recipe : https://youtu.be/ib1trMlWDH4
Soul Food Style Macaroni and Cheese : https://youtu.be/vPPw0dlZYa0
How to make French Toast : https://youtu.be/nJTSLiyXuxQ
Southern Peach Cobbler :https://youtu.be/3jrJ89SL9UY
Soul Food Style Sweet Potato Pie : https://youtu.be/hL7-745x-dg
Southern Fried Chicken Recipe : https://youtu.be/kdpQK9f-_xU
Baked Spaghetti : https://youtu.be/o6T6YSLjtYo

Thanksgiving Recipes : https://goo.gl/BEzD6e
Christmas Recipes: https://goo.gl/39iZEm

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Pjparty88 Channel says:

Hi, I clicked on the link and it says I have to spend 50.00 in order to get the free coconut oil. How long is that offer good for? I will get a hold of thrive and tell them that I have a promotion for the free coconut oil. Thank you. Love your videos.

Toyya Williams says:

Going to try each of these, thanks!

kathy jo tourtois says:

looks great rosie ty !!!!!

Monica Mackey says:

Please do more low carb recipes, please!

Chop Happy says:

Agree with Glam Qui below! These are fantastic!

Sweetlady1916 says:

Love this, simple & healthy!😘

Jackie Love says:

Love it!! You're so awesome

Chester Izzy says:

I'm looking for a male to penetrate my butthole!

BmorezHomeGurl says:

😋💕 I'm gonna try the last meal you prepared but with Chicken this weekend… Thanks for the yummy ideas and recipes Mrs. Rosie 💞

Bri Bettard says:

Where have you been Rosie? I've missed your recipes… Must have been enjoying your family. Happy New Year 🎊🎉

Altrina Wilson says:

thanks for sharing going to try

Robin Morgan says:

Keep them coming

Jacqueline Harrison says:

Thank you for the healthy recipes. Everything looks delicious!!!

mesxxygigi says:

hI Rosie thank fir sone yummy healthy good quick fixes yum

sandra kitwana says:

Thanks Rosie great video. yummy recipe.👍😊

Jeanette Waverly says:

Yum. Fast, easy, healthy, and delicious. Hits all the bases! TFS, Rosie!

kim davenport says:

I love low carb foods…thank you for these delicious recipes!!!!

SamoreLoveTV says:

will be trying number 2 and 3. xoxo🕊💙💛

cutiemisbehavin1 says:

Hey sis. I just made a order using your code. I got one more thing and I got the coconut oil free shippping for my whole order. thank you.

kekeme 123 says:

These recipes are great! Thank you so much for sharing. The food looks delicious.

AntoniaLuvsYou says:

I love the Chef's Choice seasoning. It is so yummy 😇

Make Me Over WEC says:

thanks for showing some low carb meals!!! most of us are decreasing carbs these days to get healthier. I love all your recipes but most of it I can't really eat so this video is right on time. thank you.

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