3 Fat Loss Breakfast Recipes

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My Fat Loss Program — www.LeanSecrets.com 0 The 3 MUST HAVES of a Lean Breakfast 0:59 Is Dairy OK???? 1:21 Biochemical Individuality & Dairy 1:38 Greek Yogurt Parfait Recipe 1:55 Regular Granola vs. Brenda’s Lean Granola 2:00 A Word about Oatmeal and Prolamines 2:18 Raw Buckwheat Groats (buckwheats are NOT related to wheat..not even the same ballpark. Two totally different things) 3:48 Protein Shake with some lean twists 4:46 Chia Seeds, and why you should use them 6:15 Breakfast Burrito (and rethinking eggs) 7:00 A brief word on nutritional yeast (which actually has protein & fiber also) 7:40 Spices for a superior egg burrito ———————————————————————————————————- The information in this video is designed for educational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for informed medical advice or care. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat any health problems or illnesses without consulting your doctor. Please consult a doctor with any questions or concerns you might have regarding medical conditions, or before starting any fitness or diet regimen

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lradfordable says:

@auag19 c……………

jaymi korn says:

Ralph’s! That’s the CA grocery store that’s everyyyywhere

bethos137 says:

I think you are great, you have a great looking lean sexy body and you have great energy. You should be proud of yourself for promoting healthy eating. To all the haters, !@#$ off onto some wheat lovers channel

latonya southall says:

That is easier said than done. If you pay your health insurance and pay bills you still have to survive on your check. Everyone can not afford that option of oats that cost 6 bucks for 10oz. Fruits and veggies aren’t that bad but the extras are.

TheNoiseDisease says:

I try to mix it up for everyday, because I can’t stop eating wheat either… It works for me!

10byrdie says:

I eat organic corn flakes with banana, cinnamon, and agave….no wheat cereal can be done

Sara Valdepena says:

is the protein powder chocolate flavor?

Tony Campbell says:

Is good you are sharing this tips with everyone, I know how hard can be to be in overweight, I lost too much weight with a pretty cool method, I can’t post the link here but if you go to my profile you can see the link on my profile’s description

Now I’m looking for a good routine of exercise :)

J Joseph says:

Not all carbs are equal, dummy. Eat your wheat and get fat, but don’t impose your foolishness on others.

EllyKSaysHi says:

Hey Brenda, what courses did you take in HighSchool and University?

NightBear007 says:

You should read “Wheat Belly”! I was shocked how refined and over processed and genetically modified wheat has become!

Terry Underwood says:

Guys, it’s a RECIPE, of course it has a lot of ingredients. She’s not saying that in order to be healthy you have to buy all of this stuff, she’s just trying to make it interesting and different.

hellojessicuhh says:


angelobasilico60 says:

XD you have no Boobs

Louboutins4lfe says:

I love your videos….

jumiramirez says:

Good way to get healthier, thanks

jackylovesmakeup14 says:

U talked to much…

thelittlemuffet says:

Thanks so much for this video! I’m starting to eat healthy, one meal at a time. First up is breakfast! This week it’s the greek yogurt and next week I’ll alternate the greek yogurt and a smoothie and maybe some protein pancakes!

TheAbStand says:

I really want to give that smoothie a try.

If anybody is looking to get results in the abdominal area, we suggest you try out machine at theabstand*net for $14.95 + free shipping. It works while standing, putting less stress on your back/neck.


I though Oats were good for you?I just bought some Irish steel cut oats.

insanefitathome says:

Hi Brenda. I’m sharing you to my facebook, as I think you are very knowledgeable, and personable:) Thank you for a terrific channel!

lissylyon says:

How can i find you on facebook?

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