3 Healthy and easy bread recipes ll Oats ll bread pizza ll Sooji ll Toast with bread

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Try all these 3 bread recipes.Healthy and easy toasts.

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JasonTheWorldisYours says:


Sairam Sai says:

healthy tasty and easy reciepes tq for sharing

Sowjanya pavan says:

Looks yummy 🀀

Chi tti says:

Healthy ga 3 types of breakfast recipes chaalabaaga explain chesi chupincharu tqs for sharing this wonderful video

sharav k says:

Wow healthy and yummy breakfast recipe nice sharing

charmy Kumar says:

Yummy yummy so nice chala bagundhi

Radha J says:

very yummy tasty recipes..i will try this

Aswini Asha says:

Really yummy …kids kosame meeru spl ga bale chestaru

Sai Abhi says:

Very easy to made breakfast nice share

Abhi Ram says:

looks so delicious iwill definetly try this

manjula kotthireddy says:

Looks yummy, replacing Pizza πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

Varshini T says:

I tried this sandwich recipe tq for sharing

Rekha N says:

Health breakfast πŸ˜€

Revathi Revathi says:

My kids love pizza.. will try this

Pooja Thodupunuri says:

3 Healthy ,easy and simple bread recipes

Aditya Thodupunuri says:

Very tasty snacks

Surekha Gottapu says:

Kids fav recipe πŸ˜‹

Ramlakshman maddileti says:

Yes pizza ante andariki istamee …ila home made very safe for kids

aashu sai says:

very simple and easy to made tq for nice share

Thri Veni says:

Super healthy kids fav breakfast

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