3 Healthy Bean Salad Recipes | Quick + Easy Meal Prep Ideas

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Fresh Three Bean Salad Recipe: https://www.healthymealplans.com/recipe-details/fresh-three-bean-salad

Asian Inspired Green Bean Salad: https://www.healthymealplans.com/recipe-details/asian-style-green-bean-salad

Cowboy Caviar Southwestern Black Bean Salad Recipe: https://www.healthymealplans.com/recipe-details/southwestern-bean-salad

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Carla Cook says:

You can’t eat edamame if you have thyroid problems

TR Reality After Chemo TV says:

Tks for sharing this

E Marie says:

Yum- Going in my lunch rotation🤤

Mike Hawksteel says:

One and three is a hit with me

FloridaManDan says:

Dear fellows if you eat enough soybeans you'll turn into this girl doing the demonstration moderation always

1stepcl0ser says:

Sadly i cant really find edamame in the supermarket :(

Derrick Kungu says:


Me: Binging rich white women videos at 3AM

Zainab Haji says:

Hi! I fancy a marshmallow coffee and wanned to check in your videos coz I love you channel but I couldn’t see. In Sweden we die for coffee and I usually drink black coffee every morning but night weekends I like it sweeten. Could you try Espresso latte caramel or marshmallow coffee plz?! TY

Yul-Rahim Zaman says:

Anyone else thinking, that the host looks like Anna Faris's character from "the dictator"?

Shauntel Gill says:


Urooj Hussain says:

Love the Recipe! How long would these dressings last in the fridge?

Erin Abigail says:

i call it texas caviar instead of cowboy caviar and also the secret ingredient is zesty italian dressing. it’s a classic dish in texas

lisa tran says:

I don’t like to eat rows onion

Gaby Dersch says:

Thank you. Will try these recipes. Easy and healthy. Perfect combo. God bless you. ❤

Francis Major says:

I just subscribed!

B Ravelle says:

Can’t wait to try this

Jenni Kitchen says:

Thank you, I am very grateful that so far in my country in Indonesia I always consume something like this almost every day. Even made with various variations, for example with peanut sauce.

Super Mario Times says:


Violet Windvane says:

These are nice and all staples we might have on hand during these times. Hope that you are all okay. Salads are always a good thing and with the bean salad you are showing that one does not have to have lettuce on hand..

Tami Kitchen says:

I like this !!! Delicious

Me says:

Love how these sound and look forward to trying them. Thank you for the individual links!

Elan Silva says:

What dressing did you use for the first bean salad ?

Salad Recipe CH namotenashi says:

I love bean salad! Looks healthy and delicious! I can't stop once I start eating!

Julie Henneli says:

I am so happy YT sent this my way! I love bean salads ❤️ Thank you, I will start with the edamame one ❤️🌸🎉 Subscribed of course!

1024specialkay says:

i'll be making these soon!

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