3 Healthy & Easy Lunch Recipes (Vegan & Gluten Free!)

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LIKE this video if you LOOOOOVE food as much a I do! *I’ve found that “healthy” videos can be soooooo controversial on YouTube so here is my two cents: One “…

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Noely says:

Anyone wanna be YouTube buddies? :)) tell me once you’ve subbed and I’ll
sub back asap! 

FashionbyYuyi says:

*Thumbs up if you’re in the under 301+ club & LOVE Meghan!* This video was
so creative :) Would A N Y O N E wanna be YouTube friends?? *you inspired
my vids*

madisonkatebeauty says:

love the video!!

annie23010 says:

this is the ONLY typical beauty guru “healthy” lunch ideas video that is
truly healthy!! cause they are VEGAN <3 andd I'm also gluten intolerant as
well as vegan. this was perfect :))) 

NVFashion says:

You said in the downbeat that you are grain free but you used quinoa in
this recipe… Did you mean gluten free?

Colette Sings says:

What song at 00:34

Kashmir Nanassy says:

loved these sooooo yummy

amyheartsmakeup1 says:

LOVE YOU SO MUCH MEGHAN❤️❤️ Does ANYONE want to be youtube friends?!<3 I
sub back :) ! 

Cat Coule says:

I love when you post vegan/gluten-free things, because that’s what I can
eat! No more seeing stuff I want to make and having to figure out my
alternatives 😉 thanks, lady!

Simmer4Liife says:

You should do unhealthy desserts bahaha

Meghan Rienks says:

NEW VIDEO! A long awaited healthy eating video! See 3 of my favorite lunch
recipes that are easy & HEALTHY!

Preet Chhokar says:

HILARY DUFF!!!!!!!! #oldschoolmusic 

Just Queen says:

Dear person reading this,
Just dropping by to say you are amazing and gorgeous all on your own. If
someone tells you you can’t , you try your very best to prove them wrong,
never give up on your dreams. You were born to be great and do great for
others. Just doing my best to try and be nice in a place that can be full
of hate, hoped this made someones day.

ps. I have put this on more than one video, just spreading the love :)
God Bless :)

Lesly You says:

How in the world are you going to be able to eat the salad in the Mason jar
without making a huge mess? Wouldn’t it be hard to mix it all together?

Amanda Corinne says:

how tf do you eat that salad

dominikfilms says:

Dear person reading this,
When you´re feeling down, insecure or worthless, and you don´t know wether
your hard work will oay off, don´t stop working on your dreams! It really
isn´t about how hard you hit, it´s about how hard you can get hit and keep
moving forward. Don´t listen to the people who say you can´t do something,
you are a beautiful and unique human being, belive in youself. Failure is
the first step to success, keep going!
Maybe this helped you some way !

Kirsten Bronsro says:

Add some avocado to that corn and bean salad! It’s delicious!!

Sunny Sardar says:

I don’t understand all these mason jar salads people are making. HOW do you
eat it?!
don’t tell me you take it out on a bowl because thats wasting time stuffing
into a jar.

Doha Youssef says:

You always look beautiful meghan, but you look SUPER, SUPER beautiful in
this video :)

omglaugh says:

I like cooking vids but im not really all about the vegan/ gluten free part
of this vid tho. But yea anyways I would like to see more cooking vids

TheLifeofMegan says:

You looked gorgeous in this meghan ❤️❤️

shelby8656 says:

Also, quinoa is a grain! Your meals are definitely gluten free but not
grain free!

adrianavr1992 says:


Samantha Rose says:

The onky reason you put it in a mason a jar, and in that order is so it
doesn’t get soggt, and is still fresh. Yes, you have to pour it out, but
again it’s only to keep it fresh. Not so it’s cute. This is just for those

Morgan Davis says:

how the heck do you eat the salad out of that mason jar…

Lily Feather says:

I’ve been a vegan for a few years, but I just decided to go gluten free
after I discovered I had an intolerance, and this video was super helpful!
Thank you! :)

shelby8656 says:

Did you know corn is not a vegetable? It’s a grain! I am paleo so I loved
that you used paleo wraps yay!!!

Celeste Angelica says:

I ♡ Meghan, she’s the bomb! Be sure to show her some love. If anyone’s in
the under 301+ club, like this comment! I JUST uploaded a NEW video: Get
Ready with Me: Fall Edition. Would anyone want to be youtube friends? If
you sub tell me and I’ll sub back right away! <33

LoznotSoz says:

I never eat anything healthy but I really love watching these types of
videos! Also, loving the Hilary Duff for the background music :)

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