3 Healthy SANDWICH IDEAS (with Sides & Drinks) for Lunch!

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3 Healthy SANDWICH IDEAS with Side and Drink Pairings!
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00:00 Intro
00:06 Turkey Pesto Club Sandwich
03:20 Veggie Sandwich
07:48 Ultimate Tuna Sandwich
12:11 Wrapping Up

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K says:

The Devil Wears Prada.

Chloe Weaver says:

Was that a Devil Wears Prada line?

Lolo Nor says:

You took a laot

Rising Sun 82 says:

Nice sandwich but bacon isn't healthy 🙄

Ghostiiie kun says:

I’m sorry but …how are these “healthy “…..that’s a lot of calories for a sandwich

Tay Mccullough says:

i like the tuna salad sandwhich

jesus_isourcreator says:

Hey you! Ever wondered who created you? Well, let me tell you the truth, Jesus Christ! He is your Saviour and heavenly Father. He loves you and died for you. You are never too far gone to get to know Him and accept Him in your heart! :) Have a blessed day!!💖

Linnea Clapinski says:

if I'm being completely honest I was having a rough day. I saw this on recommended and it made me smile the entire time. so thank you!

Yao Lu says:

From Nathan when Andy can't eat her midnight grilled cheese 😂 love your videos!

Michin Cravings says:

Ooooh I love them all!!! ❤

Jennifer Lizeth says:

loved all three sandwich ideas!! Congrats on 1 Mil

Karla Guerra says:

Loved it! Thank you for sharing!! I need to try these sandwiches! 💙👌🏻

Aka, The Doggie-Woggie & Animal Whisperer-Reasoner says:

What toaster do you recommend buying for durability, please?

Nicole Thrower says:

My family and I enjoyed the tuna sandwich😊

Claudia Ayala says:

I’m going to try all 3!! 😻😻😻😻😻😻

Raven Skye says:

Devil Wears Prada when she's ranting about her new boss and the "clackers." 😂

Joody Universe says:

Yaaaay a million subs owr queen did it💕💕💕💕

Ami Bae says:

Is these actually healthy for diet 😭? ‘Cause it’s so delicious 🤤

Priscilla Jimenez says:

Can you mix the pesto with greek yogurt?

Priscilla Jimenez says:

Do you have a recipe for the avocado hummus?

D'Laine Bok says:

A raccoon salt container!

Ella Albarracin says:

Hey Dzung where in Vietnam is your family from where in Korea is Nate's family from

Eleonora Weiner says:

Loved the turkey pesto club sandwich!

horakova anna says:


Brianna Condron says:

i love your lil racoon statue its- adorableeee

Ellen De Witte says:

Great ideas, gonna try these :)

Ivycdraws says:

Omg 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤 YESSSSS these look soooooo goooood, cant wait to make these

Witchy Woman says:

Lol when you said that I was like devil wears Prada sandwich scene lol

Kaley Yang says:

lady this aint healthy

Isabela Freund says:

i can't believe you even made veggies and bread look so delicious!
I've been binge watching your videos <3

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