3 Milk & Cookie Recipes For Your Late Night Cravings

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Thumbs up this video if milk & cookies are by far the best snack ever.


Marbled chocolate chip cookie dough loaf – https://www.tastemade.com/shows/hor/marbled-chocolate-chip-cookie-dough-loaf?
No bake cookies and milk cake bomb – https://www.tastemade.com/videos/no-bake-cookies-and-milk-cake-bomb
Milk and cookies cake – https://www.tastemade.com/videos/milk-and-cookies-cake


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Teresa Negrete says:

Who would honestly put this much effort into a “late night” snack 🤔

Doga Can says:

Nobody eats this at "night"!

W S says:

Hey geniuses: ever occur to you that you can make this ahead of time so it’s available for your “late night cravings”? Just a thought. These all look amazing – too bad I can’t eat any of ‘me.

paola colon says:

2:48 the song sounded so much like a dangan ronpa song I had to do a double take

Patty Krabbies says:

Oh, mama…

Patty Krabbies says:

Why do you torture me in 1 in the morning, Tastemade

Alatina Thucklemuggin says:

i hope you're not using little store-bought chocolate chip cookies in that bowl shaped thingy, because that would ruin the whole dessert.

evs251 says:

How to get diabetes

E. D. says:

Someone make me these im crying

VP says:

… *CRAVES * … You Geniuses~ <3

StarUnreachable says:

Fun fact: salmonella can be present in raw flour, and you're just as likely to get food poisoning from insufficiently cooked flour as you are from raw eggs. Have fun with that knowledge, kids!

Bryn Whitehead says:

That's quaint.

Kristi aka OutSidrQQn says:

You already lost me. Late night = easy. I’ll open a bag of cookies

theWANAB3 says:

My late night craving usually consist of something that can be microwaved in under 3 minutes. I…I don't know if I can chill/bake my late night cravings for hours. Jokes aside, they look very good, I like the 3rd one the most!

RedCrono says:

I like the first one mostly. This like taking cookies and milk on next level. Everyone in their childhood classic cookies dipped in milk is still the way to go.

M CT says:

It gave me mayor anxiety not to use the whole product and let part on the recipient 🤣 second: 0:21

Can I get 1k subs With no vids says:

Is it boneless?

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