3 Paleo Desserts (Gluten Free, Dairy Free)

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Paleo marshmallow recipe: http://www.cultivatebeauty.com.au/paleo-marshmallows-sugar-free/

Chocolate mug cake by Ruled.me: http://www.ruled.me/keto-chocolate-cake-mug/

Chocolate mousse recipe: http://www.cultivatebeauty.com.au/chocolate-mousse/

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DMO 4scho says:

Congrats you've missed the point of a fucking DIET.

Happy Charlie says:

This mousse seems so yummy! Definitely i'm gonna give it a try : ) Thanks for the ideas

Santos Da says:

Do you think I could use a hand mixer? I have a food processor but I don’t think it can with that egg whipper

Brook333 Parish says:

I'm just watch g these.. Do you loose weight when changing to paleo? I'm underweight and can't afford to lose weight but want to.. is it pronounced be paleo or do paleo

MsCrimzen says:

what kind of salt is that? looks like it has cracked pepper in it

Ruby G Health and Home says:

I made the mousse and it was so good!! Less than a minute in the processor and so much better for you :)

Gianna Bertoldi says:

How is it possible that a part of people that s from australia speak in a british way, while on the other hand there are people who have a strong r and speak like they re from the united states?

Sebastian Schlesinger says:

it's made with the scraps of animal bones sooo…

Sofia Khrystyne Whitney says:

When making the marshmallow can I use Knox gelatin? I live in Canada and I have not seen Great Lakes Gelatin in the capital city where I live. Also, I have not see Queen Vanilla Bean Paste, so I was wondering if I can use vanilla bean powder? Would appreciate a response, would like to make the marshmallow desert! Thank You! 😊

Paleo Living says:

Definitely going to have to try these out.

Maribel Coto says:

Hi! the last recipe with the Avocado for texture. wow ver y clever. I like to know how did it taste like..

Patricia Medina says:

I can't wait to make all three recipes to my toddler! I will make him eat avocados, yay!

Agnes Goretskiy says:

can I use a blender or regular mixer instead?

Rosie Watkinson says:

I swear you can't eat salt when you're Paleo.. 😂

Jessica-leigh Haenschke says:

Hey guys , I really enjoy your videos they give heaps of great ideas my favorite recipe so far being the sweet potato with mince.
I have a question about the coconut yoghurt that was mentioned , every brand I've come across has corn starch in it . Is that an acceptable paleo ingredient or have you found a coconut yoghurt without it ?

David Brazeel says:

what would you suggest as an alternative to almond meal? I am cooking for someone with a nut allergy who is Paleo. Also, is the dark chocolate sweetened?

Sasha McNeil says:

Wow! That Mousse is aMaZing! I fed it to multiple people in my family, without telling them it contained avocado and they all LOVED it! Thanks for the recipe!

Ellie Newman says:

Chocolate avocado mousse is just amazing! I normally add dates for a caramel-like flavor, but I look forward to giving it a go with bananas 😀

JB 6000 says:

I looked up carbs in foods for curiosity and found out that chocolate contains significant carbs. First I thought it was something in the commercial chocolate so I looked up dark and got the same result (58g/100g). I looked up cocoa powder and still got the same result. Then I looked up cacao thinking the pure raw stuff may have less and it was even more, 19g per so many ounces. Carob did not yield much better results. The site may have been flawed although it ranked it higher than beer, potatoes and even many breads. This got me wondering about chocolate eaters who think its low carb

Satenik says:

Hi beautiful sisters. My sister and I have a paleo based diet as well. For desert our all time favorite is dark chocolate dipped strawberries. It's easy to make and so delicious. You can add coconut on top of your dark chocolate or sprinkle on some almonds. Enjoy and thanks for the videos :)

pathri 78 says:

Hi, did you use frozen avocado in the mousse recipe? I didn't know you can freeze it !? Can you use it for salads?

Jodie Moore says:

That cake in a mug looks amazing – thanks!

Max's Best Bootcamp says:

Nice job guys! We're on a paleo mug recipe kick right now, too!

healthhacker says:

The marshmallows would taste really wonderful with some lemon extract I bet! These desserts look amazzzzing!

fantasticlife says:

Great recipes! I've just uploaded a Paleo Snickers DIY. Maybe you would like to watch it :).

Javier Chavez says:

thankyou soo much i just started paleo and i was looking forward to some paleo desserts

reem amin says:

That moose is what im starting with yumm…but can i ask a question please….that music is amazing what is it where can i find it?

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