3 Quick Healthy Drink Recipes

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3 Quick Healthy Drink Recipes
Whether you’re trying get greens into your diet, add protein to your day or even if you’re doing a Juice cleanse, these three drink recipes can help you get healthy this year.
I’ll be sharing my protein shake, green smoothie and even green juice recipes using a blender, so let’s get into the first drink.

Protein Smoothie:
-Ripe Banana
-Egg/ Or Protein Powder
-Cocoa Powder
-Chocolate Syrup
-Instant Coffee
-Greek Yogurt- Plain or vanilla

Green Smoothie:
-Ripe Banana

Green Juice:
-Green Grapes
-Apple Slices
-Lemon Slice
-Lemon Juice
Blendtec Blender- https://www.amazon.com/Blendtec-Total-Classic-Original-Blender/dp/B00WQ0LJ20?ref_=ast_sto_dp

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Izreen Mahreez says:

Thank you for sharing this! Very simple & looks yummy! Gonna try this but can we drink protein shakes on a daily basis if we don't work out? 😅

Emma Rae says:

I think it would be cool to see you do a 7 day plant based challenge. (Also to have more plant based options on your channel) :) would love to see the substitutions you find to be best.

Rachel Bernadette Soto says:

Been drinking green juice aince the start of the year. And I am adding honey for sweetness. This is definitely my new go to juice. I was inspired to try and make this by watching Judy's vlogs. You guys inspire me to be more healthy. Love from the Philippines. ♥️

Dandelions Dandelions says:

Just tried the green smoothie!! It's so delicious. I will be trying the green juice next.

I've been lacking nutrients for years now, and the ones that I need are in these ingredients. Thank you Benji! This was such an easy way to get me into having my fruits and veggies.

Doritos says:

You act like you’re the first one to engage I. this whole protein/green smoothie thing. You ain’t that special

Zygnet says:

Exactly what I was looking for!!!! ❤️

Mo Tingles says:

What could be a replacement for the banana? Not avocado either. I’m allergic to both 😢

Lynn Nguyen says:

Thank you so much for the recipe. Is there a way you can identify quantities and figure out calories for each recipe? Thank you.

Tara Nguyen says:

classic Benji green juice.

Ricette Turche says:

We are also waiting for you on our channel where we share Turkish recipes that are very easy to prepare🙏🌸

Mai Vang says:

Diggin that sweater benji!

Tiana Imani Jackson says:

Thank you for this video Benji!! I always wonder how you always get a thumbs up on the vlogs!! I cannot wait to try this!

Joycee1230 says:

I’ve been watching Benji and Judy since I was a little girl! It’s been yearss! Always wanted to try out Benji’s green juice and today I finally made some and not only did i love it, but my whole family loved it too! 😌 Now I’ve been asked to make more tomorrow 😅

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