3 ways to make a Roux ~ from fast to slow for Gumbo

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Traditional, oven and in the Nuke (microwave) & combined all 3 to make a Seafood Filé gumbo, (the gumbo recipe isn’t fully shown, see the 2 links below for all of my many full gumbo videos) .

My son in law JP (John Paul) {also an exellent cook} gets some air time and help out. Whom isn’t acting, he’s like this all the time also. JP is from Way further down the bayou than me – Galliano Louisiana, you could eat 3 sticks of boudin driving south from Cut Off La to Galliano…

Gumbo videos:


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Judy Samson says:

Thank you for showing 3 different ways to make a roux.

Southern Coastal Cooking ™ says:

good video Boy! glade to see you feeling so much better

TocoToucan says:


Mike Brown Ohio says:

Good to see you back at it… Have a great day…

Bob Martin says:

You didn’t ad any potato salad to your bowl like a true Cajun ? What’s up

artist92543 says:

I so love home cooking. It is my passion.

Bud Atkins says:

You looking more better JB. Glad to know you feeling better and love me some gumbo!!

Agustin Caballero says:

I'm glad you road again Mr JB GOD Bless you

Wren Wrenwood says:

You two make a great team. One of the first things that shined out to me on your first vid I watched was how family orientated you are. I can almost always hear babies, children, dogs and wife in the background. God is good.

mark burress says:

Never use SR flour😂😂you get yourself peelayed wit a dead Shikkin round here…I did dat ONCE…by accident….Good God…I adjusted the hell out of dat to get dat nasty out…but I did it.

Deese people fussing bout maters cooking gumbo in cast iron…why my gumbo taste like my pocket knife??😂😂acid on iron…Dat why. Use stainless or a nonreactive pot chirren. Acid, salt, water rust metal and corrode aluminum too if it not annodized…

Rod Lewis says:

What happened to the robot roux stirrer?

David Kittle says:

A few helpings of that JP and those supenders can go back in the drawer AH BOY.:) just kidd'n ya ol boy.Yum.

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