4 Chinese Recipes You Ate as a Kid ๐Ÿš

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Thanks to the coronavirus (no for the 19999th time we do not eat bat), we’ve been at home cooking up a storm. While we’re both Chinese Canadians, we grew up eating a few of these dishes at home and we hope you can also recreate some of these for your table! We stuck to local dishes since these ingredients are readily available in HK. Stay healthy everyone!

00:37 Stir Fry Tomato Egg
Ingredients: garlic, tomato, egg, ketchup, brown sugar, sesame oil, white pepper, green onion for garnish
03:42 Sweet Vinegar Spare Ribs (aka. “4,3,2,1 Ribs”)
Ingredients: Dark/light soy sauce, chinkiang vinegar, cooking wine, brown sugar, spare ribs
06:26 Stir Fry Garlic Vegetables
Ingredients: bak choy or any type of chinese veg, garlic, brown sugar, chicken powder, sesame oil, water
08:28 Soy Sauce Chicken Wings w. Potatoes
Ingredients: chicken wings, soy sauce, oyster sauce, brown sugar, corn starch, star anise, potatoes, onion, ginger

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J Zhu says:

Trying my tomatoes and eggs tomorrow! Thanks guys. Keep up the awesome editing and content. Stay save

Marianna says:

This was a great video. Fun and informative. Thank you for making it. I have been making a variation of the egg dish without knowing that there was an actual recipe. I love how few ingredients it takes to make what looks like very flavorful dishes.

Joyce Hau says:

My mom calls spare ribs ๆ•ธๅญ—ๆŽ’้ชจ cuz it's 1-2-3-4 spoonfuls of sauce/sugar ๐Ÿ˜ฌ. This video made me so nostalgic! And I've been looking to perfect my ็•ช่Œ„็‚’่›‹ now I know the secret ingredient I've been missing is KETCHUP

jlouie27 says:

I happen to be making sweet & sour vinegar ribs tonight with bean curd soup! :)

vickie fong says:

Hi, a huge fan of your channel. That is a nice twist to making braised pork ribs. I just smother the ribs with garlic black bean sauce and soy sauce, then steam. I like your recipe, will try it.

1024specialkay says:

props to you wearing white when making tomato egg haha! Loved this video!

ChocolateFrapp says:

Such a great video! Thank you! Where do you guys buy those ribs from in HK? They look so meaty!

yvr2002rtw says:

For the Soy Sauce Chicken Wings w. Potatoes, instead of star anise, my mom likes to throw in a teaspoon of curry powder and a teaspoon of Guilin chili sauce.

yvr2002rtw says:

As an alternative to eggs and tomato "fan ke gai dan", thin slices of stir fried beef can be used instead (making it "fan ke ngau yuk"). Our family sometimes goes further and add a bit of dried oregano and basil to this dish and serve it on top of rice noodles instead of rice with a piece of kraft processed cheese melted on top.

martinayung says:

This must be one of your favourite vlog which I can watch over and over again. Pls share more recipes

Lisa Ong says:

Looks soooo good! The tomato egg is that easy to make? Ive been spending way too much eating this dish out.

laurapon2196 says:

Yasss!! Some of my absolute fave childhood disbes!! Make more of these videos pleaseeee โค๏ธ

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