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Looking to get more veggies into your diet? Try one of my four easy, healthy salad recipes! Each salad is easy to make, super nutritious, and of course, delicious! I’ll show you how to make a Spinach + Strawberry Salad, Green Bean + Tomato Salad, Romaine + Herb Salad, and a Cucumber, Tomato Onion salad.

0:00 Intro
0:31 Spinach Strawberry Salad
1:58 Green Bean & Tomato Salad
3:42 Mint, Dill & Romaine Salad
5:15 Cucumber, Tomato, Feta Salad

4-ounce Mason Jar: https://amzn.to/3c1DcMb
Fine Mesh Strainer: https://amzn.to/3ofoZ2Y
3-Quart Steamer: https://amzn.to/3uvWLTg
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Strawberry Spinach Salad: https://cleananddelicious.com/strawberry-spinach-salad/
Cucumber Tomato Onion Salad: https://cleananddelicious.com/cucumber-tomato-onion-salad/
Green Bean Tomato Salad: https://cleananddelicious.com/green-bean-tomato-salad-video/
Romaine + Herb Salad: https://cleananddelicious.com/romaine-lettuce-salad/
Red Cabbage Salad (bonus recipe!): https://cleananddelicious.com/red-cabbage-salad/

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Vineet Yadav says:

Great recepies.

Donna Rust says:

Your recipes come out great for me. And I love your clean and healthy approach! When I need to impress, I come to you!!

Madalina Padure says:

I would eat any of these salads!!

CinnamongirlQ says:

The Spinach/Strawberry, Green Bean/Tomato and Romaine/Mint/Dill are ALL delicious. Haven’t tried the last one yet. Was a little hesitant about the Romaine one,but what a fresh and light surprise! Highly recommend all!

D says:

These salads look so good! Thanks for your videos!

Nessa98 says:

I'm gonna try that last salad it!! Definitely up my alley

Nessa98 says:

Just subscribed! You have some amazing recipes

Sherri Holliday says:

I'm going to try all four

Nafisa Jaghuri says:

Thank you; all four look beautiful and delish

Nena rgz says:

Great ideas. Plus dressing are so good. Thank you. You have a new subscriber

Paula Roberts says:

Diced avocado is also very delicious in the cucumber salad

God Gal says:

Love your recipes

Evelyne says:

Wonderful video. That vinaigrette recipe looks just like mine I do like to put stevia or Splenda Because I do not careful honey.I also add a pinch of nutmeg. Then I cut up some tomatoes and shallots, I let them marinate up a little bit before I add a salad. It’s actually an old French recipe from a grandmother.

GreenEyeCharmer says:

I loved the romaine lettuce salad, just made it last night. It tasted just like the Maroulosalata salad I get at my local Greek restaurant that I love! Thanks!

Effie 5 says:

Want to try them all!!!

Gina Keveryn says:

I made the romaine salad with mint. Omg so good and refreshing. Thank you for the recipe!

Fanny Noriega says:

Sound yummy! Wrote them down and will definitely try! Thank you!

49ers_red_and_gold says:

Delicious and now I subscribed 😍

Niels van der Bijl says:

I love your channel Dani. The spinach strawberry combination has a surprising taste. Thank you for uploading.

The Fire Zone says:

Every recipe is perfectly made. Very helpful content for the beginners. I like it and must try this. Keep up the good work 👍

Effie 5 says:

They were all fab…and you looked stunning in each & every one of them! 🧡

Colleen says:

love your channel! these salads are perfect! I have been looking for a green bean salad like this one :)

Tracey Hedden says:

Thanks so much for sharing! It's been challenging finding quick and easy recipes, that will accommodate my hubby's heart healthy and low sodium/sugar/animal protein diet (darn kidney stones!) These look awesome!

Melanie Budgets says:

They all look so yummy! I’ll be prepping the green bean salad for my lunches this week!

Lilly Quintero-Maxwell says:

I'm super excited to try these. I have some grocery shopping to do tomorrow and. Thx a million

Sarah Fadaq says:

where is the salmon hhhhh

millie in the island the island says:

I love salads , thank you

Mahjabeen Saiyed says:

Today I am gonna make 1st one

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