4 Fun DIY Cookie(ish) Recipes | Tastemade

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Recipes Included:
1. Brownie Batter Injected Cookies: https://taste.md/30w9SoH
2. Cookies & Cream Pavlova: https://bit.ly/2XY2uoD
3. Banana Rum Cookies Cups: https://bit.ly/2XU2oyb
4. Cookie Dough Dessert Lasagna: https://taste.md/30tiYCY
Video Creds: The Scran Line
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Nur Insyirah Mohd Farhan says:

i love cookies

Billie is my life says:

No I haven't been eating cookies all wrong I just didn't spend 3 hours in the kitchen adding more sugar to them and increasing my chance of diabetes

dancebrittany23 says:

Shouldn't be eating raw brownie batter. Raw flour isn't safe to eat

Liana Gentile says:

0:27 nOOOO you’re placing them too close togetherrrr

Classy_J says:

So, have I been eating cookies wrong all my life or have I beem baking them wrong all my life.

Zesty! says:

I need to change the way i eat cookies now, sitting on the couch eating the whole box isn't good enough anymore….


I feel the diabetes through my screen

Jacob Anderson says:

Dare you to pin this.

Yeet Yoink says:

I want to make all of these but I don’t have the time.

Or the money.

Or skill.

Or will.

Phool's kitchen says:

Wonderful recipe

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