4 Mesmerizing Dessert Recipes By Alix • Tasty

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Jenny says:

The audio is kinda off my volume is pretty low but it was pounds like she is yelling

Anna Banana says:

These. Look. Incredible!

Chethiya Wijerathna says:

No need of your foods..you are so cute…i need to marry you

weird flex but okay says:

Currently making the cinnamon roll apple pie!!! I'll tell y'all how it goes

me says:

Wow, shes so q u i r c k y 🥵

nagina hussain says:

Looks yum mmmm

Ryn says:

Shes so adorable

Taylor Corbin says:

I personally hate baked cheesecake and I prefer no bake 😊❤️

Elisa says:

Love her, but she is kinda like the grown-up version of JoJo Siwa

Belky Santos Deras says:

Im so fricking hungry bro why I watching this while im hungry… I want some kind of sweet dessert right now

Heisenberg says:

She is beautiful more than the cake. Who agree like :)

Darshan Govender says:

She is 😂

kisha Ortiz says:

You could of named it the banana dog😂

youichizseiei says:


N O says:

I like apple pie with thin peaces on top.

S Mubashir says:

Alix finds it weird to fry bananas but in India there is something called: banana fry. I’ve never tried it, but many of my friends like it.

Viet Le Quang says:

I tried to make it more beautiful with cream and strawberry but …

Moonlight Gacha says:

Instructions were unclear I got my foot stuck in a washing machine…

Lia says:

She laughs at her own jokes 😂

SilverWolf 16 says:

Alix is my spirit animal I love her so much lmao

Isha Pawar says:

Alix the punniest tasty producer

Black Knight says:

While liking this vid I said Alix is so funny I love her CHEESY jokes they are amazing as I watch the cheesecake part

Emily ;D says:

Am I the only one who cringed when she used ripe bananas for the banana bread??

Evy2526 says:

When she smiles or laugh she kinda looks like Emilia Clark.

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