4 Million Subscriber Special: American Vs. Full English Breakfast

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They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, which if you ask me is a little hard to figure out. One thing we can figure out is which breakfast is the best, is it the full English breakfast or is it the American breakfast? Both are great but there can only really be one true winner, let’s find out.

Recipe: https://www.joshuaweissman.com/post/american-breakfast-vs-full-english-breakfast

Pancake Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLdl71cZXmY

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Mega-Lucario meets Zoroark says:

I want the American one despite me being European, it just has all the stuff I like.

joe wesley says:

A tip just buy a tin of beans and add bbq sauce?

TheGuruOfNothingness says:

Woah, hang on there buddy. FULL English? Where's the black pudding, hash browns, fried bread? And what are those sausages? Yikes…. Still looked nice though…

Good Game says:

Honestly, both are pretty darn good. I lean towards the yanks though because pancakes are awesome & if you prefer coffee to tea you might think US coffee is bad, but at least it doesn't taste like burnt rubber.

Deecon YT says:

The amount of dishes one would have to wash if there was no dish washers invented.

Hope Meloche says:

"Just a note from papa"

Daniel George says:

Missed the harsh browns on the english one

Maximum Cola says:

The man probably cooks his breakfast all the way to the afternoon

Tucker Waldrip says:

Toaster? WTF was that? I think you have a Decepticon living in your kitchen…haha

Tucker Waldrip says:

Hashbrowns are literally the worst. Ruining potatoes. The only form of potatoes I despise.

Nadia Harden says:

I just don’t understand why they eat literal beans for breakfast lol

Berry says:

Anyone else like having a over easy egg on top of your hash browns and mix them together? It is bomb

Rihanna Beckford says:

Do some jamaican food

Señor Ein says:

It’s crazy how fast you are at 4M you deserve it I remember watching your videos around 3K followers keep it up man

Oliver H says:

American Vs. Full English Breakfast or "How to get your week's load of calories by lunchtime on Monday."

Chibi Lan Wangji says:

That is the best looking full English I’ve ever seen, they’re never that good in the uk

Maik Nocon says:

Full english without either toasted bread or hashbrowns?

HecknHi says:

if ur eggs are RUBBERy .. pa pa no HUgs

Kieran says:

This is the biggest mixture of American and Tory looking Full English I've ever seen.

Insulkable Syndrome says:

American food is superior and I'm english.

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