4 Mini Pie Recipes Using An Ice Cube Tray

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We’re showing you a nifty food hack today as we present you with 4 delicious mini pie recipes you can make with your ice cube tray! Perfect for parties!

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biynah07 says:

To what thickness and size do you roll out the pie crust?

Lcm M says:

I spent $13 for a ravioli tool and already had everything I needed!!!

Yahya Al-wly says:


Ghada El-Khouly says:

pls, How you make the pie crust ?

Lotus Cooking Plaza says:

Veri nice. Like, subscribe ചെയ്തു

fatima noha says:

Yummy army 😘💜💜

Top5 Rankings says:

whoever is reading this comment may his her parents live long for 100 years ameen

Smita Rajesh says:

I want to eat
My body: You are on diet😭😭

Beautiful Surprise says:

Who calls it beef mince?

Rafi Ps says:

Yes 😁😁

Gracious World Spreading smiles says:

Its just awesome

Kelissa Tahallaiti says:


Lola Bunny says:

These aren't pies, these are mini pizza rolls! 😆

Kitchenetic says:

"Twisted" is a completely different channel, I enjoy so much Videos here. Although I'm not 14 yet; I established my own channel "Kitchenetic" as I'm passionate about baking and cooking. I creat genuine videos by myself where I share with you the receipts I like and how do I cook and bake. I hope you enjoy the recipes I prepare for you, and please tell me also what do you think about my work.

Vodun13 says:

So simple yet so creative and versatile! I would love to see a video where you make 20 different ice cube tray pies!

Rosapaula Souza says:

Delicious 😍🤩🥰😋😋❤🌹🌻

izaboo bella says:

Love this idea!!!

Dr. DancingLion's Healing Room says:

I'm here for this!👏🏾 and you can put them in the freezer and just reheat in the air fryer 😋

Andy toronto says:

poppers.. and.. my store.. t@andy2toronto


Love them!!

Gawr Zawa says:

So basically pizza rolls

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