4 Sweetest Apple Pie Recipes

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We absolutely love an apple pie, so we’ve created 4 irresistible twists on the classic dessert which are sure to satisfy even the sweetest tooth!

00:01 – Apple Pie Cookies
01:17 – Cinnamon Swirl Apple Pie
02:57 – Giant Apple Pie Cinnamon Roll
05:41 – Caramel Apple Pie Roll

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Pamala West says:

I really like these videos but can somebody please make these type of desserts without the cinnamon. I am allergic to cinnamon but I would love to make apple desserts.

Yasemin Acar says:

Your receipts are awesome ❤️but I wish to see real apple pie filled with cream (American style )

Diane Florio says:

I am very impressed with these food dishes and bakery dishes. I have found them to be very easy and quickly to make plus they taste delicious! 👍

Ichus food recipe says:


Graham Reinbott says:

What's pie dough?

Yasmin Fernanda says:


Sarah Hadj Abd El Kader says:

شكرا جزيلا

요리순간 Cooking moment says:

La uña de tu pulgar parecía tan deliciosa que no podía entrar.

Francis Nguyen says:

There's something happening to make ingredients apple pie. 🥧

Chef Vic Cuisine says:

Wow! New sub here! I recently made an Apple Pie on my page too and your dish looks amazing! Hope to stay connected! 😀

Krystal Esparza says:

They make it look Soo easy to do when you are having a hard time just baking pie. I buy them instead🙄😕

Heloisa Teixeira says:

I love this type of video

How To Cuisine says:

Love the idea of the apple pie roll 🙂

Yahya Al-wly says:


Seyyed Mohammad Mirbabayi says:

The new background miusic is just fine👍👌

BZM Plss says:

Ratio bozo 😹😹🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

ًnole Nl says:

Yummy always creative god give you health and wellness
Thanks for the best chef in the world
Thanks for all recipes ❤️😍👍

Favourite Eats says:

There's just something about apple pies that make them so comforting! Thanks for the recipes :)

Fanz_nourmar5💙🦋 says:


Fanz_nourmar5💙🦋 says:


Cooking studio Putul says:

Nice presentation

Keshav Sharma says:

Plz make some veg dishes 😊😊

Nissaf Touati says:

I love you to so beautiful i love ♥️♥️

الحمدلله says:

السلام عليكم انا امرأة من فلسطين/قطاع غزةلدي طفلين أيتام زوجي متوفي بتمنى مساعدة أطفالي لتوفير اساسيات الحياة للتواصل الواتساب مرفق بالصورة

Foody Ideas says:

Me when I saw your videos: 😍😍😍

Karen Kuakaylin says:

Please provide English details translation recipe for ur video of the ingredients for the dough misture.. thanks… Especially for the amount of milk n other ingredients too.

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