43 Easy 3-Ingredient Recipes

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Tiberiu Tamasi says:

My birthday is in 12 days (13 January)

d r e a m j u i c e says:

9:03 without the baking, isn’t that just e lotte?

ZZZ ZZZ says:

10:30 does this actually work?

ahawa khamis says:

thank you so much

Baby. Bold says:

Y’all I’m slowly going insane and I think everyone knows why.

Ella Snack says:

3 ingredient recipe :
fried egg

Maureen Gonzalez says:

Them: How much wiskey ?

Me: Yes

Dante Galvan says:

11:22 just bookmarking this for myself

Doggo :3 says:

Me with only peanut butter, bagels, and yogurt: (cries)

Duh Gucci says:

Easy 3-Ingredient recipe

My FRidge: I got water and hot cheetos take it or leave it

Agata Vitan3 says:

Is it weird that I don’t really like peanut butter ? I mean, almost everyone likes it…and I don’t (*´-`)

banufshay.aejaz says:

19:58 "OHEE YAHSS"

Unicorns & Rainbows by Elisea says:

Omg so good

Lexie Ward says:

Was anyone else watching to make sure they were all 3 ingredients 😂

Katia Maldonado says:

I’m using a medicine cup to measure 1/4 tsp 😐

gdi I noticed I don’t have any bananas, no f*cking honey. I actually can’t do shit with this and I want to cry

Katia Maldonado says:

I got the Cheerio, pb, and honey combo!!!
But let it cool for how long? I’m starving :,)

Zarin Khan says:

Is the teriyaki chicken recipe good?

scrub pai says:

dae FOOK is a scallion

study with kush says:

Liked 18:37

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