5 Budget-Friendly Vegan Comfort Food Recipes for Under $2

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We’re back for another 5 under 5 series! In this edition, I’m collaborating with CheapLazyVegan to show you 5 budget-friendly vegan comfort food meals that are under $2 per serving.
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PATCH says:

Question about the cheese in the first recipe, you said plant based milk. Should that be sweetened or unsweetened?

MysticSeraph says:

Awesome video! Thank you so much. I think I have to try the potato and broccoli soup. I love that you don't puree the whole thing into oblivion (and baby food consistency) but only part to make it creamier, but leave lots of chunky veggies in; best way to have soup! After that, the minestrone. And this from someone living in Australia where it's hot as hell right now!

Nicole C. says:

I made the macaroni and cheese recipe yesterday. The sauce does taste like cheese. It was very good & better than I anticipated. I used regular pasta to be sure first. Next time I will use Barilla's veggie pasta. Thanks!

Ohaunna Meyer says:

For the minestrone, add red beans too. Not at all expensive if you buy them dried and adds protien, fiber, and flavor :)

Ashley Kohl says:

Milk is not vegan I am sorry

Sceptic Human says:

2:21 Pube Alert!

Katiaelenareads says:

Can you make the potato and broccoli soup without the nutritional yeast?

Maxine Cyriaque says:

Want to try the potato and broccoli soup

Cheshire Cat says:

I am glad your channel was in my recommendations! The food looks amazing and I can't wait to do this!

Maxinevvvf their Butt says:

Free lepwrprp

Lily Ka's Vegan garden says:

You can add vegan soy cream in the brocoli soup! It will get thicker!(but yeah it will rise the price 😅)

BlackGirl1511 says:

Can I do those recipes if I want to lose weight too?

kate raines says:

Does anybody have the grocery list from this vid ? id love to try these !

Marina Cover says:

I got up the second the cheese fry recipe was over to make them. So excited 😆

Ella Rawson says:

the problem with this being "budget friendly" is generally when you're living below the poverty line you don't have a food processor or a kitchen with enough space for one or storage for all the ingredients, this works for a well-off person who's trying to save up for a helicopter or diamond encrusted toilet or whatever it is rich people don't already have, but this doesn't work for most poor people.

Elena Gallo says:


Ash Lada says:

This video is awesome. Im so glad I came across you. These dishes looking amazing and I always wanted to try vegan meals. Thanks for sharing.

Shaina Skelton says:

does the potato and carrot cheese sauce actually taste like cheese? or just looks like it?

whoag ¡aqua pupper! says:

since I live in the south, I KNOW comfort food. Watching you making that Mac and cheese hurt me😂😂 but overall, looked good

Milly Holroyd says:

macaro nae cheese

Aimee Coleman says:

oh god. SO…
I was just looking for videos for recipes for when I go back to uni, and I found one with a Chinese woman cooking for her family, so I thought 'oh yeah, I'll just adapt it to be vegan, this should be good'
It starts off at a fish market, and you kinda see the fish being killed in the first minute or so, 'just skip over, get to the recipe bit' I told myself

4 mins in she starts cooking and the fish isn't properly dead and jumps off the plate and flopping on the floor when she tries to gut it
'ABORT, ABORT' – I clicked on the first suggested vegan video I could find. breathes easier Glad to be here

Valeri Ševtšenko says:

Plz make east- european dishes)))

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