5 Chicken Sandwich Recipes For A Five Star Lunch

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Who says breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Today we’re showing you how to make yourself a 5 star lunch by trying one of these 5 delicious chicken sandwich recipes!

0:05 – Giant BBQ Buffalo Chicken Sandwich
1:57 – Cheesy BBQ Chicken Shooters Sandwich
2:53 – Chicken Fried Cordon Bleu Sandwiches
5:35 – Giant Mayo Chicken Sandwich
9:08 – Chicken Caesar Salad Buns

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George Roy says:

DIY heart attack food!! 💓

Gray Fox says:

This is why Americans have the highest index of diabetes

B R says:

Are these recipes written down anywhere? Their cookbook isn’t out yet and it doesn’t have all the ones I want.

Marshal says:

2:51 bro my ears got sauce on them from that bite

Shailendra Kharade says:


Just Come says:

Hi I just come here to have some ideas for my cheat day thank you very much 😌

Grÿmoda 009 says:

What type of hot sauce did you use?

mali mali says:

i like ur recipee but i also like to ur hand ……sweat

zigga ziggzagg says:

stop the music when you cut the sandwich

Qara Gözlüm says:


Hashaam G says:

Its very difficult

outlaw lady says:

Someone please tell me why the hot sauce needed butter

Ifrah Mateen says:

All yours recipies are way to heavy in terms of calories.

Chanel Rogers says:

Looks so Yummy👍👍👍👍👍

umujamal says:

I love chicken🍗🍗❤️

Wilma Barbosa says:

Eu amo muito esse canal de receita saõ muito criativas

Ronda's Session says:

Am I the only one who feels disappointed when they shred the chicken breast 😫😫😔🤣🤣

Family Kitchen Studio says:

Very nice recipes, great

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