5 Classic Soup Recipes To Warm You Up On A Cold Day

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Hello Food Wishers! This is Chef John’s Corporate Overlords back again with 5 classic soup recipes to warm you up on a cold day. When the weather gets chilly, don’t reach for a can! Chef John shows you how simple and rewarding it is to make your own homemade soup with classic recipes like French Onion, Creamy Tomato Bisque, and the best soup for a cold, Chicken Noodle. Whether you’re craving a comforting bowl of Minestrone or the autumnal staple Butternut Squash, Chef John has the right soup for you!

American French Onion Soup:

Minestrone Soup:

Chicken Noodle Soup:

Creamy Tomato Bisque Soup:

Roasted Butternut Squash Soup:

0:00 American French Onion Soup
6:06 Minestrone Soup
11:30 Chicken Noodle Soup
15:40 Creamy Tomato Bisque Soup
22:39 Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

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Herman Fields says:

Substenance??? Nice new word. Substance + sustenance. Love it. (at 8:16)

Pharmdkeith says:

I had no idea that’s what the definition of a bisque was

Jo Ellen Broetzmann says:

There's no such thing as knowing enough soup recipes! Soup means love.

gayle525 says:

You don’t add enough cheese on you French onion soup for my state. It should be half cheese half soup. I live in the dairy state.

Karen Lusby says:

My husband just got told in the hospital that he MUST go low salt (max 1000 mg per meal+snack). I’m a so-so cook and this is just throwing me for a loop. Would appreciate any recipe videos or recommendations to help me over this hurdle. So appreciate your videos and have actually successfully served many of your dishes! Your Spaetzle is the best ever!

jeffrey bundy says:

I've never heard of or seen cranberry beans before. Those are lovely. Their almost to pretty to cook. Thank you so much for helping me expand my culinary courage and curiosity. I've made a very tidy sum of your recipes and have not had a single complaint yet. If I complain about anything at all its because some of the items in your recipes are hard to obtain. The closest whole foods is 120 miles away in Boise Idaho. However I've been able to improvise when I have no other options. Keep up the great work. 🤗🤗

Robert James Chinnery says:

Onions do look overcooked

Lawrence Taylor says:

I was waiting for my all time recipe, soupe du jour.

Mark E says:

Don't listen to Sanjay Gupta…..he's a liar

Debbie Ebbiebobebbie says:

Perfect day for this! 🥣 🍜 🍲

Ruth Nichol says:

Love your positive & confident attitude; especially your tidbit extras. Thanx

Robert Strickland says:

If you don’t want to mess with the crouton and melted cheese route:
Texas onion soup – serve with two slabs of Texas cheese toast
New England onion soup – serve with oyster crackers

Matthew Boland says:

solyanka soup!

Dee E says:

I know you are a great chef and I’m just a little 84 year old lady but I’ll match my minestrone against yours. 😁. My secret is the sweet Italian sausage that I get freshly made from an Italian family owned store in my town. Their sausage can’t be beat. ❤️. And not to brag but I’ve been told that I make the best minestrone ever. And I’m German Irish mix. 🤗. I also put Italian stewed tomatoes and zucchini in.

Anna Twink says:

Was your Intro music a bit slower this time??😜
Oh and here's another complaint: one of your subbies called the French "cheese eating surrender monkeys"🤣

Roy Dibya Dipankar says:

Not funny like 'ha ha' but funny like 'hmmm…'
Chef John, you are… Hmmm ha ha

Zoe says:

I think I'm in love with Chef John. ❤️💕😍💞

Claudio says:

As an italian it warms my heart to see an italian soup presented as it should be and not with some absurdity like "ketchup". Great video and channel. Cheers!


Chef John can add as much cayenne to his American/French Onion Soup as he wants because he's the Sergeant Vinnie Korsak of his soup snack.

Donna Gray says:

It is the time of year🍜

Mark Szyszkiewicz says:

Minestrone deserves Marsala wine.

seattlegrrlie says:

I actually gasped aloud when you sliced the onion for not "French" onion soup

Wayne Glasbrenner says:

For the tomato bisque soup, skip the grilled cheese and go with a peanut butter sandwich for dunking. No matter how you think this sounds, you really must try it. I've been eating tomato soup this way since childhood (more than half a century of experience 😄) and can never get enough.

SS4Xanatos says:

These are all classics in the traditional sense but I wouldn't call any of these in particular a Chef John classic. For those, I would choose something more like your "Just Corn Soup", your "Tuscan Bean Soup", your "Sopa De Ajo", your "Caldo Verde", and "Tom Kha Gai".

ABetterWeapon says:

Any houses for sale next door to you?

Maria Paula G Lopes says:

Mind-blowing! Have neve ever used.sage with squash or pumpkins. We mostly serve this soup with prawns! Or my family recipe: whipped parmesan cream. Add parmesan to the whipped unsugared cream.

Maria Paula G Lopes says:

Cabotia pumpkin is WAY HARDER. We actually roast and then cut it open.

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