5 Delicious Pork Recipes

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Anna Blomer says:

pull out pork is gonna be sweet MG i can try to make the i can even make the Idaho pork nachos you know the waffle fries, on top BBQ pull out pork, sour cream, and on top tomato, onion or green onions, and Lettuce.

FatimA Erica says:

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bob look says:

Someone take scallions away from these ppl

Feitan Cage says:

Why these terrorist terrorists watch this video and comment can not eat it. If you can not eat it do not watch it. Please bust yourself making a bomb. Do not make other people uncomfortable with your comment. Fucking retards.

Crazy Coconut says:

Pork Butt

Sandy Perez says:


Jordan Bolst says:

Are you serious right now? Why would you eat pork but? https://draxe.com/why-you-should-avoid-pork/

vidsnogames the randomlife says:

0:04 why tf do u have to use the ass of a pork

Bissam Ahmed says:

Pork can never be delicious

alupihan says:

Imagine going on a drive thru and ordering a slow cooked pork burrito. But of course you want it fresh so you tell them "I'm willing to wait"

fat sac says:

A Muslims nightmare😂😂😂 I agree Muslims, swine is dirty AF

Rcipes Ideas says:

great pork recipe thanks

Emma Lotta Kaun says:

Pork butt??????? 😂

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