5 Delicious Sandwich Recipes For Lunch Time

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Turn your lunch into a delicious 5 star meal by trying some of these 5 delicious sandwich recipes!

0:00 – Chicken Caesar Salad Buns
1:29 – Giant Carnitas Sandwich
4:37 – Giant BBQ Buffalo Chicken Sandwich
6:29 – Cheesy BBQ Chicken Shooters Sandwich
7:24 – Chicken Fried Cordon Bleu Sandwiches

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Chavelle Downer says:

These sandwiches are making me hungry

Blink Forever says:

this channel is too underrated

Ana Patrícia says:


Piedad Gonzalez says:

Mi delirio los sandwiches 😋😍❤️👍

Aller Movies says:

I am your fan

About Everything says:

Hello, here are awesome fast food recipes on weekdays, I really liked it😊

Harsh Arora 452 says:

Is he mad ??? Bake for 6 hours

sohel zia says:

i am a regular viewer of your channel i love you cooking style plz i requested to you that dont use the Bacon,Ham,or pork plzzzz cause many of muslims are wached your beautiful cook and this is haram for us(Many many ♥ to you)

samuel 10 says:

I loved it Your Recipes

Jui Deshpande says:

First one looks damn amazing!

Nelida Lassalle says:

Delicious recipe , I like it so much
Thank you to sharing.🌹

CosmicDoomBro Brian says:

They were all very very tasty.
I absolutely love this channel, there recipes are mind blowing.

Aminath Adam says:

I think it's time for a new music tho I love these Recipes

Alex Wood says:

How to survive world war 3
1. Save money.
2. Buy lots of food/drinks.
3. Go to area's were bombs will never hit.
4. Start digging underground.
5. Build underground farm base.

Yahya Al-wly says:


Cooking For Family says:

All your recipes look so delicious definitely try these, thanks for sharing 🙂

Tayeb the Gamer says:

JoJoke: Chiken SHIZAAA Salad Buns

Dmitri Vedat says:

Yeah ima bake meat for 6 hours for my lunch 👍🏻 then I’ll just make a sandwich for dinner

Jermirra burley says:

you people make top tier quality food porn

DgTech Bar says:

Nice Video

Koi Mujy Support Kary Ga Plzz

Bohat Acha Content Upload Karta Ho Main

Like Karo

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