5 Delicious Vegan Recipes

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라라!할로 says:

damn im HUNGRY

1000 Subscribers without any videos farrel says:

Are you vegan?

Yes: Like

No: Reply

Olivia G says:

Good hack for the tofu dipped in vegan mayo!

Coorvaldx Veronica Rosenberger says:


Ada K. says:

The ramen one looks super wholesome. Thanks for making and sharing this, Tasty!

Destiny Ellison says:

I’m not vegan…but I’m here 😂

Goofey ButReal says:

Thanks Tasty for the vegan recipes!

Whatever makes my happiness says:

I love it! Will make it for the holidays💕

Adriana Ruiz says:

You guys soo copied the lasagna soup from Liv's healthy life

Hasenkind1 says:

omg where can i find the recipes?

Lee Coltman says:

Deliciously Ella The Plant-Based Cookbook: The fastest selling vegan cookbook of all time https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/223282719598

thatveganchick says:

I'm here and I'm actually vegan

Robert Hovey says:

R.I.P. Vegetables😭. Killing the planet one vegetable at a time. Not good for mother earth.

Jeremy Alexander says:

Vegan, sure. Healthy, no. Vegan isn't a diet, it's a cult. You're body has evolved to eat cooked foods that include animal protein. Anyone that tells you that you will be healthy with a pure vegan diet is a flat out liar at worst, an ignorant uneducated fuck at best. These are the same inbred, low IQ tools that tell you vaccines cause autism because a comedian and former playboy model decided they had an "opinion" about something.

JoyfulSelah says:

Sooo, what noodles did you use in the ramen?

Jinay Shah says:

The music was cool! Along with the recipes :)

mybellyisapinata says:


Debbie Coleby says:

It’s difficult to be a vegetarian and really really not like mushrooms, sweet potatoes and anything licorice? Lol…

Anirudha Aryan says:

1 one too much no one has time to make this kind of burger.

Loving Plantbased says:

Tasty thank you so much for this video, I will try all of them

African Girl says:

To the vegans I have a question please answer honestly. I have been a vegan for 1 year n African n sometimes I tend to eat soup sauces that was mixed with meat or cooked with meat i don't eat the meat is it good or bad? n family n friends don't respect my new life to want to be healthy n they really don't help also.

the Be1azi says:

For the sheet pan pancakes can you use any nut milk, say coconut, instead of almond milk? Or does it have to be almond milk for some reason?

Joseph todd says:

I love u guys more vegan recipes

Joseph todd says:

Fucking amazing 😉

Addilynn Shae Henson says:

“Freez up to one month”
And I though Macarones took a long time 0.0
I’m not vegan but I love vegan foods.
Y’all who live around downtown Kansas City, I highly suggest the vegan restaurant “Café gratitude” Its Amassing.

Ato Sawa says:


Velly says:

I would totally eat those tofu nuggets!

Iconic Doof says:

I'm 139,069th!

Ricky Zheng says:

I'm drooling…..so Stop it!

Maria Normington says:

Technical avocados are no longer considered vegan

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