5 Easy 2-Ingredient Recipes

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A girl says:

Here's one it had 3 ingredients
2: Milk
3:sweet milk or La lechera
Step one cut strawberries how ever many, next open the can of la lechera and pour the whole thing into a bowl then add a bit of milk and yayy delicious Fresas Con Crema

Prathm Virdee says:

2:56 to save you time go to the store and buy Naan bread in the frozen food isle.

Dylan Fokkelman says:

For the ice cream
You can also make it with grapes or kiwi’s it doesn’t matter
You can also add household items like jam or milk with honey and it will be perfect

Harotan says:

I tried making the 2 ingredient pasta thing

ended up eating a huge chunk of melted cheese

Leo Gilman says:

you fake faggy

Luna Lovegood says:

Legit 2 ingredient recipe for banana cookies:
Mash up 2 very ripe bananas till smooth and add 1 and a half cups of instant oats, then bake for 15 minutes. I usually add chocolate chips but this recipe is so simple and actually tastes so much nicer than any other breakfast cookie recipe I’ve made, it’s so gooey and delicious straight out the oven 🤤

productionism says:

o k see last time I did this I threw up and almost went to the hospital but let’s try again

Flawless .Natalie says:

It is not 2 ingredients 😡🙄

Paul Stan says:

I can just imagine how strong that strawberry sorbet would taste

Atiqul Islam says:

How to make a expensive dish

Just add caviar in the main dish

Krishna Rao says:

0:55 he put the third

ShadowNinja Videos says:

1:03,made it it's so good

Edit:Its been a day,my tooth hurts.I blame it.Tell me if it happened to you of you did do it

Fnafpokeboy 123 says:

Me and my mom tried the spaghetti but it made a Mac and cheese actually

Phoebe Chong says:

First and last are a chocolate omelettes in disguise

AK2oo6 bg says:

What amount of choclate do you need on the first recipe

Cat 。 says:

2 easy

Get it?!?


Ok :(

Sara Shah says:

Cup cake and cake you showed are same thing.

It'z Freeza says:

When I was younger I wanted to melt raw rice and put them in the microwave for 10 minutes and then found out how rice is made

min army says:

Oh yeah just use a blender at 3:00 am and see what happens when mom comes downstairs

God X Anime says:

I never under stand when they transfer ingredients when theres no point

Curtis Allison says:

I made a dessert where it is honey graham cracker crumbs with peanut butter and mix. (optional) put rice squares (crushed) on the mix. Roll the mix in a ball and make as many as you want./can. Sprinkle the leftover mix on the balls. Put a dot of strawberry syrup on top of each of the balls. Serve and enjoy! :3

Loreta Zaļā says:

Who tell me who has strawberry’s in their fridge uneaten????????

delta 3.290 says:

Instead of buying all these ingredients just buy marachun cup noodles

Cam Newton says:

Wouldn’t the 2 ingredient pasta just taste like cheese?

Rebecca nonatzin Ortiz zaleta says:

Delicious 😆😆😆😆

Glitzy G says:

Hey this video was added to one of Gordon Ramsay's playlists


Aiden Sundara says:

step 1 : realize you have the ingredients but you don’t have the tools to make them like a food processor

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