5 Easy After School Snacks

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Isabelle says:

I come home from school every day tired and with a headache. I’m not gonna be in the right mental state to make more than half of this lmao. I’m gonna be throwing pans around in anger

Leen Jordan says:

I came for the small hands, 😍

Slendey 101097 says:

No sorry but I’m allergic !!!

dawn aeileen robert moses says:

The first one disgusted me tho

Abbie Smith says:

Sees video. Instantly wants to make homemade cheezits even though I already have an unopened box of the real thing in my pantry lol

Altacal says:

Yea and how about something that isn't 2000 Cal's and actually fills you?

Altacal says:

Are these supposed to be easy or some shit?

edgy-undertale-girl says:

Guys do not drink ice water because it can contain some very bad chemicals inside

Fluffy Hot Dog says:

Holy shit I thought the kid was chopping the coliflour I almost got a heart attack

lizzy lizzyyy says:

So your telling me you could of waited 3 months For some Bars when you of Got Them AT the Dollar STORE really.

Just Kai says:

Yea…I’ll just go make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich😂

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