$5 EASY + HEALTHY CROCKPOT MEALS || Frugal Family Dinners in the Slow Cooker

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In today’s video I’m sharing 4 SUPER easy and budget friendly slow cooker recipes! Back at the beginning of the year I asked you guys what types of videos you wanted to see more of in 2020 and SO many of you asked for more crock pot recipes, and in this video I’m going to be focusing on dinners. Now of course your prices will vary depending on your location and where you shop. $5 EASY + HEALTHY CROCKPOT MEALS || Frugal Family Dinners in the Slow Cooker

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Mama D says:

Is there another grocery store you would compare Aldi to? It seems like they have such good deals! I’m in Arizona 🤍🤍🤍

Emily Roman says:

Thank you for the recipes. I'm gonna try to make some of them with little changes to match my taste but they look delicious and I subscribed since it looks so creative and easy. I love how u don't have to use too many ingredients but don't ignore taste. It's simple but not basic if you know what I mean. Anyways, keep going! I'm especially interested in trying the chicken marsala sub. Yummy.

Budgeting Kristine says:

I really need to find or get help with someone on my videos!!! Ekkkk

Morgan Lang says:

It’s funny that you use so many Pioneer Woman kitchen things because you actually sound so much like her! Lol

Bambi Cole says:

These all look good. Thanks for sharing. I will be looking forward to your next video until then please take care and God bless!

Asiah Archuleta says:

Just the broth is like $3-5 I have no idea where you get $5 meals

Kennedy Vaughn says:

New mom here! Thanks for this, I do my shopping at Aldi’s this was so helpful!

Ballygirl886 says:

Do we have to use green salsa, I like red?

Amber Grubbs says:

I don’t understand the awkward zoom ins, but i love these videos! They’re very helpful!

Dana Norrell says:

Invest in a hamburger meat chopper to shred your chicken and it will change your life!

CharmaineJFlores says:

Love this video!!!! Thanks so much!!!!❤️

Hallowene 420 says:

I'm sure this is tasty but try REAMES frozen egg noodles (normal grocery). Thank me later. I promise you will NEVER look back.

Brianna glenn says:

How much of the better than bouillon do you add to water to make the 6 cups of broth in the second soup (the one kind of like Olive Garden)? Love your videos ❤️

Chris Tesch says:

You are enunciating a little too carefully.

jody thomas says:

So glad this showed up in my feed!! Would love to see more FAMILY meals.

Brittany Russell says:

This video just makes me mad about how expensive food is where I live 🙄

Hannah Godsmark says:

This is so ridiculously meat heavy. Why not add some chopped carrots and leeks to the slow cooker in the chicken sub recipe, and bulk it out with fresh lettuce in the sandwich? I would also tuck in some cherry tomatoes as those are cheap as chips here in NZ.

Elena Way says:

Ive made ur meals before i love them thank u

impactajuvenile says:

I used sweetened condensed milk and it tasted awesome!!! Even my kids loved it!

Lettuce Eat With Suzanne Ridgeway says:

Just liked and subscribed. I'm making chilli tomorrow. But no beans. 😍

kami krottinger says:

I am so so grateful that I found your channel! Thank you! Your recipes are wonderful! My sons will appreciate new flavors! Also some days I can barely move. (I have severe RA) but these are recipes I can handle. Thanks again!

Joey Kerney says:

Great Recipes! I will definitely be making all of these in the upcoming weeks!

Jake & Mandy says:

The best shredding tip is to put the chicken in a bowl and use the mixers/beaters! It shreds in seconds! Has saved my hand from so many cramps lol!

Princessterza says:

Looks delicious! Could you add red salsa? Since I don't have the green. Thanks!

Zahkirah Jubilee says:

its almost my b-day

Lola Fincher says:

Can you do more
More and more

Kay Wile says:

Here’s a tip! Cube your chicken against the grain before cooking in a soup it will be ten times more tender than whole chicken breast cooked in soup then shredded!

Theresa Gardner says:

I love that you use several of Pioneer Woman's Crock Pots. I have the turquoise blue and yellow flowered one and I love it. Brings some cheer to the kitchen! Great recipes. I really want to try the White Bean Chicken Taco Chili! Looks yummy!

yayog35 says:

I made the zuppa toscana soup this weekend! So good! Thanks so much for sharing!

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