5 Easy Recipes For The Grill

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Walk Before You Crawl Mcm_Reduced
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Saif Ali Ahsan says:

Am i the only one that just watch these videos and never make the food

Dani Bonacci says:

She know how to cook 👩‍🍳 omg 😮 💕❤️😍

Jon Stewart says:

Veggies, beef, chicken and shrimp all grill at the same speed? Gonna be a no on that one 😂🤣

Chocolate_Latte GachaStudios says:

Wow I'm like….. REALLY late….

Thor Underdunk Caballerial says:

Lots of wasted plastic bags.. just use some tupperwear?!

Heather Curtis says:

Anyone tried that cobbler ..I want it lol

Katora Cunningham says:

Happy summer break everybody

sideshowtink says:

Best Background music ever!

NO U says:

Easy you said easy

Althea Tala Bernardo says:


Linda says:

That potato looks amazing

malai lekpratoom says:

Who watched this video while eating food?

Luis Denian Ferreras Castaño says:

Cual ea tu direccion para comer en tu casa

Lira says:

i’m a simple man. i see steak, i eat my phone.

Masked Guitarists says:

There is absolutely NO COLOR on that salmon

loop zoop says:

Why is the music so sensual?
tasty listen up i like my steak but not in that way

gg uu says:

I've had several Foreman Brand Grills over the years.>>>ur2.pl/1083 I was tired of replacing them and thought I would try something new. So glad I did! The sensor cooking works great (not perfect with everything, still working on fish) and I love the removeable plates. No complaints!

Sean says:

His movements synchronize exactly with the music.

Gacha ChefPotato says:


Nowhere Man says:

Those kabobs look so fukin good

kevin jurna says:

Omg so satisfying 1:19

Claudia Ivy says:

Ok anyone notice that weird spiral handle that grill had?

Summer Washington says:

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