5 Egg Recipes For Breakfast Lovers

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tgideon25 says:

Why does every recipe with meat have to be pork? Disgusting

Donna says:

Don't throw away the fat from bacon…save it for bird suet

Uloma Okoye says:

Show us how to make egusi soup!!!

Lauren Montera says:

Cloud eggs flopped to a crisp following the instructions! Are they using a convection oven?

Sreekar Pamujula says:

Personally, I think that the yolk is disgusting when not fully cooked and watery

sandra slm says:

ativa a legenda para os brasileiros como eu poder acompanhar os vídeos.
sei pouco do inglês

KhaliD Am says:

I'm so egg-cited to try these!!

i'll go die..

brayden ngo says:

This is EGGxactly what I want

WD Gaster Skeleton says:

I am so speechless 😶 but in a good way

Alsaba Shaikh says:

yummy! nice preparations ✌

Andrew Zaybekian says:

I love breakfast, I eat it every day

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