5 Italian Foods That DON'T Exist in Italy

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Italian American food is great; who gives a fuck about what they serve in Italy.

Cans says:

Chicken parmesan exists only in the USA. I didn’t even knew what it was ‘till I heard americans talking about it (same for the Alfredo one). And I’m not even italian. Trust me you’ll never find those dishes in any other italian restaurant in aaaany country in Europe.

Kaisergun says:

Fettuccine Alfredo was created in Rome 40 years before it was ever known in America, sorry. It's even named after a chef from Lazio, the guy who invented it. An Italian invented it, that makes it, by any possible definition, Italian. In fact, similar recipes have existed since the 15th century in *ITALY*.

Kaisergun says:

I'm pretty sure no one ever claimed that garlic bread is Italian.

Stuart Britton says:

The bread is hard and heavy. Fish is REALLY expensive. Lamb, mutton, duck, veal etc is really hard to find. Most fruit and vegetables are imported and unripe, just like in most other countries. Avocados are REALLY expensive. Fruits of the forest are hard to find and olive oil is horrendously expensive. !!! Buy vegetable oil or sunflower oil. Do you like tomato pasta sauce? Well, Italy is your heaven if you do. You can't get away from it. If you have lots of money and you like Italian food and nothing else, and refuse to change your mind, even if you find better elsewhere, then Italy is bearable. If not, it's not for the open-minded.

Brian King says:

Quando vivevo in Italia (per 2 anni) io vedevo spesso le scatole di sugo alla vodka ai supermercati. Non l'ho mai mangiato, ma l'ho visto. Gli italiani mangiano tante cose che non sono origine italiane, quindi non mi piace questo argomento contro la vodka.

When I lived in Italy (for two years), I often saw jars of vodka sauce in supermarkets. I never ate it, but I saw it. Italians eat a lot of things that aren't originally Italian, so I don't particularly like this argument.

Paolo Bressan says:

Oh my god I could not agree with you more on the authenticity of Italian foods. Most especially penne a la Vodka it is absolutely a garbage dish that has no business in an Italian menu

Aldo says:

My name is Alfredo and everyone's always like I love fettuccine alfredo…..I have to tell them every time it's not real Italian… And they are so shocked I love giving people that tiny little lesson ❤️♥️❤️♥️ and they never forgot too!!

Giada Terzuoli says:

I usually do pasta with vodka and salmon but I don’t know if it’s an Italian food or not,but sometimes you can also find it in a restaurant menu

Steph Amberger says:

Thank you the great information. I loved the American vs how the Italians prepare/ eat something! Again, outstanding info!!

Antonio Bonita says:

I m sorry spaghetti and meatball is an italian dish

Franco Scioli says:

Pineapple on pizza, Is a Sin.

deliver til I die says:

Goda maka Italia lika boota causa he no fita thata mucha poopito ina a sneakero. Scusa me englasio

Daniem Ausanio says:


Jibril says:

There's no such thing as, Spaguetti and Meatballs.

Matteo Torre says:

Ma che cazzo….Mi vuoi dire che la pasta è stata condita l’amico di mia mamma?!?! (Alfredo)

bean clay says:

What we know is Italian food was created in Manhattan by Italian immigrants.

Jim C says:

Another phenomenally bad video. Content is accurate but the presentation is unprofessional and obnoxious. You should stop doing videos

G C says:

Don't matter it taste good

Vincent Ruvo says:

That reminds me. I'm going to get a slice of pineapple pizza at the pizza place!

RolloxRA 2019 says:

Italo-American food is so good at last

g berry says:

You're dead wrong about the Alfredo

XSecretsistemX says:

WHAT IS FETTUCCINI ALFREDO? Is a type of pasta insult version?😂

Nicro hd says:

The pennette with vodka are present In Italy so….
Figlio di putin

steve compton says:

Cuisines change. Most Italian/American recipes are based on late 19th or early 20th century Italian food.

Emanuele Polidori says:

Spaghetti are Italian excuse me don’t create fake video

Ale Gamer55 says:

Il cibo italiano si riconosce a prima vista

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